The Winding Path – 220

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2016-06-26 10:04

[Responding to a post by Julius Swerving on the Religion channel at Proving “A” God Before Proving “My” God?]

The “personal God” is an individuals relationship to the process. The intention of seeking, serving, and understanding God.

Being limited by the finite, and relative nature of our experience, this will look completely different for everybody. It is also a process that continually evolves. Just like nature, because nature is the canvas upon which it appears.

The process is not the BIG PICTURE, but rather a personal song about, and with IT.

And, since there is nothing that is not THIS ONE REALITY, the song is also not different from IT.

Those NOT INCLINED to this quest, will INSTEAD orbit around the question; “Where is the proof?”.

2016-07-02 09:08

[From the commentary on a post by Shem the Penman on the Religion channel at New Atheism and The War on Terror]

charlesburchfield responding to brmckay responding to valkyrie101 – “the compartmentalization imposed by strict materialism leaves his sense of self, un-integrated with the holistic reality. So there is no sharing an intuitive sense of the Whole. No weight given to the obviously seamless connectivity.

aren’t there some advantages to doing it this way?

Interesting question.

Like ostriches probably don’t miss the full potential of having wings, and things still work out for them.

But, there are issues around suffering and death, war and peace, fear and terror that benefit from access to the complete spectrum of human potential.

Driven by the desire to ease the suffering of children, the materialist will seek cures for inherited diseases through genetic engineering.

Or, try to extend life and conquer death by tweaking DNA or cloning spare parts.

Like the ostrich, things will still seem to work out for them.

Though death was never real anyway and suffering always optional.


Alms and Patronage

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