The Winding Path – 218

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2016-06-30 14:50

God Hates Faith responding to valkyrie101 – “Fairies created a god, which created these things ; )

valkyrie101 – “No, the atheist argues that our 14 billion year Universe created itself, for sure, because he is certain that it was not created, as a matter of religious faith.

[responding to valkyrie101]

The atheist simply is not of a mind to give credit where credit is due.

The Universe’s self creation from infinite potential does not stir the juices of reverence and loving awe. At least in a any empathic resonance with his theist brother.

And, the compartmentalization imposed by strict materialism leaves his sense of self, un-integrated with the holistic reality. So there is no sharing an intuitive sense of the Whole. No weight given to the obviously seamless connectivity.

2016-07-01 07:16

valkyrie101 – “No, its not just not giving credit, he denies the possibility of a Creator because he considers belief in God, that is, belief that our Universe is a function, to be tantamount to studying ‘big foot’. A notion too far fetched to even properly consider. Thus, at the point of the big bang, at the point of the beginning of the Universe’s existence, the atheist exclaims, none of that was created by anything, I am sure of that to a ‘big foot’ certainty.^

[Valkyrie101 addressing Beekeeper – “In that way, you are painting all religious people with the same brush.“]

It took me a while to find this. (You are admirably prolific.)

But, are you not doing the same thing here by focusing on the more reactionary element? The ones who obscure their own lack of comprehension with absurd comparisons.

I was only trying to paint a picture of a possible root psychology. My guess is that the majority of atheists simply do not look up from the distractions of existence, to ponder the Big Picture. At least with much regularity.

2016-07-01 09:05

valkyrie101 – “Anyone who declares himself an ‘atheist’ is merely announcing that he is religious, like a Baptist or something. Because an atheist concludes in advance that our 14 billion year Universe is certainly not a function, because he does not believe in creators, as a matter of religious faith, and considers that notion too far fetched to justify consideration of it, like being asked to weigh in on ‘big foot’ or something. By default, therefore, the atheist believes that the Universe self created. And given that scientists have found not a single thing in existence that does that, that notion requires some strong faith.

Just so we don’t misunderstand each other, I am enjoying your presentation while experimenting with the juxtaposition of my own understanding next to it.

I consider that the Universe actually does self create constantly. It being the emergent characteristic of infinite potential. The eternal Now.

That being said, I have absolute certainty that this is worthy of the designation God.

The nature of infinitude propagating as self awareness, is both foundation and totality. You and I are not something different, or isolated in anyway. Our condition, being a transitory, and unnecessary identification with relative existence.


Alms and Patronage

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