The Winding Path – 216

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2016-06-03 15:50

[Responding to an imaginary last sermon that Mason Lane would have liked to deliver to his congregation before leaving the ministry because of his atheism.

This is from the blog for atheist clergy, Rational Doubt: The Final Sermon: The Torment of Irrational Belief.]

Mason Lane – “Everything happens for a reason.” [He is refuting this common religious sentiment.]

What constitutes a reason in your new scheme of things, that is any different than in your previous incarnation?

Most likely, still thinking in terms of a universal traffic director, you do not see that Existence is teaming with inter-connectivity. Nothing happens WITHOUT an unbroken flow of causality. Infinite in its scope. All phenomena to all phenomena.

By its very nature. Holographic. Our brains, breaking it up into storylines and songs, but still made of the whole cloth.

2016-06-04 09:30

[Responding to a different Rational Doubt essay by Jim Mulholland called: Why People Hate Evolution.]

The rote recitation of the “randomness”, “meaninglessness”, and “insignificance” of man and his world, is an equivalent form of blindness.

Of course evolution is the nature of change, but random, it is not. I’ve said recently in another post, but will risk repeating it, the chain of causality is unbroken and can only remain so.

The mistake that purveyors of “randomness” make, is in not understanding that the essence of our evolving existence, is in its absolute interconnectedness to all phenomena. Not in terms of linear time, but holographically. Not in terms of finite form, but in the common ground of shared infinitude. i.e. eternity.

Blowing up asteroids as another rational for nuclear weapons, creating chimeras from humans and pigs, or assembling variations on human DNA from scratch; these are the fruit of humans gaining more and more power to control their own destiny.

The handiwork of a meaningless, blind, and unconnected species.


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