The Winding Path – 215

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[In memoriam of Little Bear who disappeared lock stock and barrel.]

2016-05-09 11:58

William Grave misrepresenting Little Bear – “How is ‘self’ artificial? Cognito ergo sum…I think, therefore I am. You do not think for me, therefore the self is as real as real gets.

Also, I am not god nor are you. Proof? Easy, create something, anything, from scratch. No, no using materials on Earth, no using the electron, or the proton, or any other particle. Ah right, you can’t…you must be a weak god…

Did Jesus’s ego go around saying “I am God”?

Rather it came out “I and the Father are One.” What is the nature of that “I” he refers to?

William Grave responding to Little Bear – “By creating your own language that no one else understands, …

That is not true. As Little Bear has been saying, it is about the frame of reference. Understanding her frame of reference, the language makes perfect sense.

How are you doing with that? Understanding God as All, vs. God and Creation as different things.

William Grave – “I’ll wager that you don’t understand what little bear is saying, but so long as she uses ‘nice’ words, you will nod your head in approval…

Language is responsible for human progress…if the plebians refuse to speak correctly, fine, but the elites will just revert to Latin, keeping all of technology and knowledge out of the hands of the public.

As for understanding our place in the universe, why we are here, where we are going…yea, I have a fantastic grasp of it based upon historical, scientific, and personal evidence.

I haven’t said I always track what gets said, there is much experimentation and unfamiliar conceptual patterns. However, I recognize and respect the authority that her experience brings. There are many times when she represents the Truth of One Self perfectly to my ears. It is the genius of that Truth that guides me in my own life.

William Grave – “Have you read it in Greek or in Aramaic? Before you start trying to pin new meanings to old phrases, you should be sure that you are standing on firm ground.”

My point is not new, just new to you. Why not wrestle with it for at least a minute. Then explain it back to me so I can tell if I’ve communicated something of my viewpoint.

After that, we can argue its merits or lack thereof.

I’ll provide a hint and say that my understanding is that Jesus was pointing to the primordial “I am”, and KNEW that his true self was not different than that. This would be the meaning of “made in God’s image”.

2016-05-11 11:13

Your reality is fine. But it is yours. Nothing about my understanding of “God as All” has anything to do your different orientation.

I simply understand something about God that works best for me. It is a lifetime’s devotion that brought me to it.

If the statement “There is only God”, does not work for you, then don’t go there. But, your lack of attendance does not make it un-True.

2016-05-11 11:20

William Grave – “When you base your entire life off a notion that is unprovable and has no logical basis, it leaves the arena of ‘you do as you wish and I will do as I wish’. Why? Because we breathe the same air and we share the same planet. If you want to believe that you are ‘god’, you will have to put up with people like me constantly telling you otherwise.

You still have not clarified if you are an atheist or a theist of some sort.

As for logic, there is absolutely nothing illogical about attributing the Entirety of existence and the potential to exist to God. Sorry, but the causeless cause is infinity. No way you can refute that.

William Grave – ” ‘Sorry, but the causeless cause is infinity. No way you can refute that.Sure I can…you believe that by throwing around the word infinity that you have proven something, but you have not. Anyone who has taken a few undergraduate math courses is perhaps more versed in infinity than you are.

I would go into a scientific rant about how the universe came to be and how it does not logically follow that, if a god existed, that it would be a part of this universe…indeed, the opposite is what logically follows. Sentience is not mystical nor is anything else in our universe. You use superstitious speech when it is not required to explain the universe in which we live.

You have been seduced by a strange ideology that discards logic and reason…

We are running out of time for this charade.

The infinity of singularity is the absolute, your mathematical infinities are the relative versions. There is much to understand from this. But I can’t do it for you. It is what you have been avoiding.

2016-05-13 07:24

William Grave – “I am clearly not avoiding anything, and it is clear that you are avoiding reality. You are pulling words out of thin air and stringing them together…

How much have you studied about the universe? You do understand that the universe is mathematical, right?

Thanks for the chuckles.

Math doesn’t work without zero and and one.

Zero and one doesn’t work without the infinity of singularity.

2016-05-13 11:38

William Grave – ” ‘infinity of singularity please define this term and give credible sources on the mountains of research that must surely be associated with that term, considering you continuously harp on it.

Common sense and honest intent are my credible sources.

The Entirety of existence and potential to exist. This is the primal Singularity. There is nothing other than it. No boundaries.

It is absolute infinitude.

Śūnyatā, neither empty or full. Nothing, because there is nothing to compare to.

Everything, because nothing is missing.

The Tao.

Are you not clear on the relativity of the mathematical infinities? This is the absolute condition that sustains them.

But why worry yourself over this? It is easy enough to ignore. And most people do.

2016-05-14 09:00

William Grave – “Easy to ignore? Yea, just like ignoring Santa Claus is pretty easy too. You are just cherry-picking every feel-good bit of nonsense that you can. Try science someday, it will change your life.

Ah, finally some evidence.

As for science, no problem there, it is a subset of the whole.

You are a strange bird William Grave.

Fare thee well.

Alms and Patronage

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