The Winding Path – 212

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2016-01-24 17:33

[Responding to Almostcertain2 who was responding to Little Bear. The disqus channel – Discussion on God, Spirituality and Religion – “God Explained”.]

Where does Time happen?

Depending on that answer, what about Mass? … Gravity? … Light?

2016-01-25 09:09

[Responding to Almostcertain2]

If a seed falls on rocky ground. Is it the seeds fault?

2016-01-25 09:58

Kevin Osborne – “…understanding requires context …

As to now there is only now IMO.

And NOW is the mother of all context. Though we wander far and wide.


2016-01-25 10:45

Try and reason here. – “Since we make things with purpose, I believe in some one who made everything around with purpose as well. It is consistent as with what is observable.

Little Bear – “Truth is experienced. That’s how you recognize untruth – which is the state we all currently occupy (as long as we perceive ourselves as separate).

[Responding to Try and reason here.]

The difference I observe here, is the difference between riding on the surface of the sea, and diving to its depth.


Alms and Patronage

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