The Winding Path – 209

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2015-12-21 15:21

Little Bear – “My agreement isn’t necessary in order for what you believe to be true for you. Argument is simply dis-agreement. Why should that disappear? So that we can all pretend to get along?

Ceejae Devine – “Pretend? Isn’t finding common ground what we are all seeking here? No, I think once we get past disagreement, we can start focusing on sharing the beauty we know, building relationships, sharing ideas about how to improve our lives, sharing our stories with others who don’t know what to look for because there are a lot of people who are confused and sad and feeling hopeless.

Actually Little Bear is talking about the common ground.

Eternal, imperishable, undifferentiated and entire.

You are talking about your relationship to that. About being in orbit around it.

I’m not sure why, since the testimony of saints and sages is that reality is the Singularity.

2015-12-22 10:14

Ceejae Devine – “Little Bear’s reply was:

‘Finding a common ground? You must still be young . No.’

So I am not sure why you are telling me what he thinks.

I am not presenting theories about orbits. I don’t talk in abstractions. I have been presenting my perspectives from my concrete experiences. Perhaps the saints had the same personality types as many of the people in the “spiritual realm” that isn’t really spiritual because some of their views are just based on their personality types. Many spiritual people focus on the now, presence, love, stillness, and kindness as “spiritual” qualities, but they are simply a manifestation of at least one and perhaps a couple particular personality types.

“Reality is the Singularity?” What is that?

I experienced amplification in my mind as I spoke three words that described an object and something of that nature appeared the next day. I sat in a particular seat and another phenomenal event occurred that could not have occurred if anyone at the table had chosen different chairs. I was directed to follow a vague thought that led me to information about a number of concepts people claim are spiritual and found they aren’t so I wrote a book about the experience. There have been a number of other experiences that I prefer to tell as stories because that’s what they are. So that is my reality. God is active my life.

Synchronicity is the norm, in truth it is a constant. Because, we are not separate from God. No matter how it seems.

This is the “common ground”.

2015-12-22 10:14

Ceejae Devine – “Because no one has the Whole Truth, you just think you do. You proved part of my point, with your comment about stillness.

I only notice my experiences because of a reason you say is so? Quite the opposite, my experiences are so beautiful I can not not share them.

I have never heard anyone talk about the kinds of things I am experiencing, so I am not sure why you are telling me I am wrong in the way I am presenting them.

I share them because it is my choice. I don’t need to listen to men tell me because they have big, abstract perspectives about God, to go away, that my experiences and perspectives aren’t worthy enough to be part of the conversation.

What are you learning from the experiences? Where do they lead? I am not saying that God is not active in your life, only that it is inevitably so, since the fundamental non-difference from God is the fabric of reality.

Why are we fighting?

2015-12-21 15:53

Little Bear responding to Kevin Osborne – “You have to give up the personal (the ‘thing’ separate from the rest) in order to experience the non-personal (the EVERYTHING). It can be done.

Kevin Osborne – “In an instant, perhaps. Not necessarily abandonment of oneself, but my opinion.

Little Bear – “It only happens in the space of timelessness. In a moment of great attraction we drop the personal and enter that space (it’s only happened a few times in my life). The moment you’re back in time, personality is there again. Personality IS our identification with time. It’s our story. It has a beginning, middle, and end. But if you can drop the story (it actually carries weight – gravity – binding us to the horizontal plane), the lightness is literally out of this world amazing! We can’t abandon our personal self through an act of will EVER. Our will IS our personal aspect. It happens through powerful attraction. An attraction GREATER than our attachment to our selves.

Ceejae Devine – “You have your ideas and experiences about God. From what I found, it’s because you have a certain kind of personality. God connects with you via your personality. So that’s how you see God. God is connecting with me very specifically via aspects of my personality.

You only notice this because personality stops the flow to ponder the moments that it considers significant.

In reality as Little Bear is describing it from experience, the connection is seamless. Continuous. Perfectly still.

It is the illusion of separateness that makes things special or noxious. The personality creating a world of attractions and aversions.

This is the mortal coil. What is the point in cultivating it further, if it’s not the Whole Truth?


Alms and Patronage

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