The Winding Path – 208

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2015-12-21 11:55

[Responding to Cole Puerto who is avid to introduce people to the prophecy called “The New Message” – by Marshall Vian Summers.

To quote from the official website: “Marshall Vian Summers is God’s Messenger for this time and the times to come, bringing a New Message from God. He is the Messenger for this millennium. Marshall is the most important person on Earth.”

Cole Puerto has been talking with Little Bear.]

To paraphrase, using different terms, and without the benefit of Little Bears direct confirmation:

Maintaining the dualistic view, contradicts awakening in Christ. i.e. Enlightenment. Moksha. The living Truth, that “I and the Father are One”.

God is relevant/relative as long as there is “Other”. But deliberately maintaining the separation, confounds awakening and perpetuates the “Fall from Grace”.

Where does this new message point to, as regards that aspect?

2015-12-22 10:06

Cole Puerto Mod – “I cannot summarize or explain the New Message. What understanding I have of this subject you mention above is conceptual seeing that I have not experienced it.

‘Awakening,’ as I understand it, is not some singular event. It is a process and a journey, and it certainly is not completed in this life. The physical universe is but a small part of God’s Creation. While we are here, we live with two minds – the personal mind or “ego” and Knowledge/Spirit. Uniting with Knowledge is what Christ exemplified in his life, and what all God’s Messengers have demonstrated. This is a piece of my oh so limited understanding.

I’d recommend this teaching, entitled ‘The Separation.’…

Thanks for the clarifying link. It is pointing to the same thing that we’re all talking about. Though, much more reading is required than I’m inclined to do, and I had to start skimming.

This understanding is indeed available within us. To me, the drama of a massive revelation is “something extra”. But it presumably has it’s place. Be nice if no wars ever get started over it.

2015-12-22 11:01

Cole Puerto – “It’s nice to hear you checked it out. It is certainly extensive.

There is the message for the individual as it relates to the uniting with Spirit or Knowledge; and then there is the message for the world. They are one and the same, and reveal what humanity must do to prepare individually, and collectively, for a changing future.

Not everyone can receive it but for those called to do so, there is no other pathway. This is my experience.

For me it is already familiar, and as indicated, the knowledge is “placed” within us already. As I’ve often explained to Christians, the Bible is unnecessary, confusing and inefficient in light of the of the Holy Spirit. Though, the point is seldom well received.

Here’s to hoping that we all outgrow that which isolates us, one from the other.

2015-12-23 09:13

Cole Puerto Mod responding to Kevin Osborne – “A Zen saying I like is: ‘Before Enlightenment chop wood carry water; after Enlightenment, chop wood carry water.’

The building of character is the chopping wood and carrying water.

The beauty of the addage:

Before Enlightenment chop[ing] wood carry[ing] water; after Enlightenment, chop[ing] wood carry[ing] water.

, is for me, in the ordinariness it emphasizes. Seamless and matter of fact.

No “gaining ideas”. Nothing added.


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