The Winding Path – 205

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[Responding to nanyummyify.]

Get rid of the “randomness” idea. Understanding that the perfect, unbounded nature of infinitude, is expressed as creation. Permeating itself throughout itself.

Evolution of life forms, laws of physics, chemistry, sentience all share the common ground of Infinite Singularity.

If you still need to separate evolution and adaptation, consider the relativity of time, and that all creation takes place in this single moment. Eternally.

2015-12-13 09:50 (approximately)

IWannaBTheGuy responding to nanyummyify – “Earth has had billions of years to cook up life.

All of that, in this single dimensionless moment.

Evolution in reality is trial and error, not random chance nor intelligent design or any form of ‘miracle’.

Infinitely distributed parallel processing. The nature of absolute infinitude. What’s not miraculous about it?

Our genome has a lot of junk code. In fact, 8% of the entire human genome came from dormant retroviruses, you can look it up yourself. Where’s the intelligence in that?

Nothing exists in isolation from the context. The context, if honestly examined, is the Entirety.

Being indifferent to the wonder of it, is a choice, but not the only one possible.

2015-12-13 10:18 (approximately)

[Responding to nickj14711.]

Consider that the infinite potentiality of no-thing, inevitably results in some-thing.

The rest, as they say, “is history”.

But, then, if we are honest about it, we must consider the situation where-by, the infinitude of no-thing, having no where to go, somehow remains.


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