The Winding Path – 204

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2015-11-07 11:51

[These are extractions from the blog post, “Belief is Ignorance”, by Mr Smith on the “Spiritual But Not Religious” channel on Patheos.]

Mr Smith – “Everyone has beliefs, I challenge people on this forum, to explain what belief is, what you are actually doing by believing in something, do not bother looking in the dictionary you will not find the correct answer or understanding.

Mr Smith responding to Lisa Kopf Fournie – “People believe because they do not know the truth of this life or of themselves

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All beliefs are ignorant. 100%

If I get in a car and start to drive, I am acting on the belief that because I have driven before, I can do so again. This works until it doesn’t.

It is not ignorance, it is trust, muscle memory, faith, common sense.

What is not true about this aspect of living?

What is this other truth of life, and ourselves, that you are promoting?

2015-12-08 09:33

Mr Smith responding to entrance – “Why are we, is basically the same as who am I or who are you

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You must live intensely, leaving the superficial behind, leaving all the knowledge in your mind behind, challenging your emotional psychological and physical limitations, that is the way to realise the answer to this question. And the answer to this question is the only question in life worth knowing.

Even the desire to know the answer intrudes on the process. Like you said, “realization”. Knower, and what is known, not different.

Mr Smith – “You have read my statement, your mind has jumped to some conclusion, to realise the answer we’re talking about, you have to live intensely and leave your mind, beliefs, comfort zone and nonsense behind

2015-12-08 10:01

Lisa Kopf Fournie – “And what we[‘]re actually doing by believing in something. We are creating are own reality and what makes us feel like were a part of something, normal, or maybe off the beaten path. It is what makes us whole. Maybe Belief is Ignorance, but if I believe in something it can create wonderful things. As for instance , I believe I’m a good person, I will then try to continue to live to those standards. Belief is what makes us human.

Mr Smith – “If belief is ignorance like I am saying, and you are creating your reality through belief. Then you’re living in a fairyland, and you are missing out on the real reality in life

Lisa Kopf Fournie – “So, you have no belief , not even in yourself…..

Mr Smith – “That is correct

[responding to Mr Smith]

You believe that people are “missing out on the real reality in life”.

You believe in the the question “Who am I?”, and that “it is the most important question to be discovered in a human being’s life. It will bring peace and fulfilment”.

I’m not saying that I don’t believe this too, but you are riding around on a pretty high horse.

The process of enlightenment is in play, at all levels, even in the depths of hell. This is why we are advised not to judge our neighbor for the mote in his eye.

2015-12-08 16:24

Mr Smith – “For a start I do not believe in anything, if you are a Christian then you judge me as a sinner, I like high horses, there are only two levels ignorance and enlightenment. And reading scriptures will keep you in ignorance.

So far I don’t believe you, but that’s the point right?

2015-12-08 10:15

[Responding to Mr Smith who has been conversing with Brad JJ .]

The concept is not the thing.

But the concept that “the concept is not the thing” is also, not the thing.

Like you said, these words and ideas are “tools”. They are real, but the relativity of it must be understood.

Understanding relativity, we understand the absolute.

2015-12-08 16:26

Mr Smith – “The human mind is only capable of understanding superficial nonsense. The intellect can go round and round in circles, there is a big difference between intellect and intelligence, an intellectual person will be working out all the problems of life. An intelligent person will be at peace and will be fulfilled. Which one are you ?

Who are you asking?

2015-12-09 08:34

Mr Smith – “All the Christians

As concept or reality?

Not that conceptualization actually falls outside of reality.

Who then is it, that is ignorant of True Self?


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