The Winding Path – 203

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2015-11-24 14:24

Random non-partisan voter – “I do not believe or disbelieve. I’m not quite sure if I would labelled an atheist or agnostic.

I think that it’s not just the government that is using religion to manipulate you, but also that religion itself is doing that in most cases.

There’s a list of things that will immediately turn me away from a religion or church, in no particular order…
1. Their God demands your worship or you will be punished.
2. Their God is all-knowing and all-powerful (it has disturbing implications).
3. Anyone who does not follow their religion (even someone who has never heard of it) is going to hell.
4. It is filthy rich (Particularly if it doesn’t seem to be doing ‘Gods work’ in the communities it serves).
5. That you can merely ask for forgiveness and it will be immediately granted.
6. Their religion is the only one that is ‘right’.
7. They don’t understand that the bible was written by multiple people and are stories meant to impart wisdom, not believe it word for word.

Lastly, there are problems with some of the bibles. For example, the King James bible, I believe the most popular with Christianity, was re-worked by King James for political reasons. To think it is still in it’s original ‘form’ so-to-speak is folly… but most don’t even know where it came from.

I learned a long time ago not worry so much about the various shoe boxes that people squeeze God into.

Best to scan the horizon out of a personal curiosity. If you lack curiosity, I would recommend getting some, but beyond that, it’s up to you.

2015-11-25 08:57

Random non-partisan voter – “My philosophy is to live my life the best I can and if that’s not good enough in the end, well that’s on me.

Doing our best is good enough, right now. And Now, is all there really is.

At some point, the question of ownership comes into focus. (i.e. Who is it, that is doing their best?)

Simple and timeless principals, no seminaries, priests, and church required.

2015-11-24 14:31

Lee V. – “God is in control. always.

Except that it manifests infinitely as free will. Making this quite a lively situation.


Alms and Patronage

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