The Winding Path – 202

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2015-11-21 10:14

Anoop Alex – “I would say Consciousness is the Seamless All. There is a greater Consciousness of which we are a part and this material reality is a part. But within this reality we usually have a more limited level of consciousness. And this reality is not the ONLY reality.

What are all these divisions then? If “Consciousness is the Seamless All”.

Do you mean a greater Consciousness than yours and mine? In which case, a closer look at what is meant by you and me should follow.

Is Consciousness different than reality?

How are other realities, and this reality, actually different? Beyond the contrivances of our perceptual and conceptual fields?

And again, who are we?

2015-11-21 10:14

charlesburchfield – “Trauma skews reality all out of shape. Ppl w p.t.s.d. See reality thru an altered chemestry. Adrealin is a powerful mind altering chemical. When ppl are triggered one is not exp the same reality as they.

Accountants and go-go dancers. Schizophrenics, drug addicts, dreamers, shamans, astronauts of all sorts…

The common ground, is the sense of Self. The imperishable witness.

Understanding, as in realizing, the Self, its nature and source, that is the good and liberating goal. The common ground.

I don’t mean personal identity, but the loom upon which, it is wove.

2015-11-26 08:53

charlesburchfield – “I have been pondering what you said for many days. when I was in early recovery from my addiction to alcohol and drugs I had a flash of being like an ice cube melting in the middle of a warm sea. at that point I was identified with my addiction and since I had to give it up I freeked! would be an existential nobody and nothing?was the donut hole? I think my higher power was showing me that flash bc that was just a temporary state of consciousness. what was shortly to follow, that continues to fill in the loneliness, the emptiness and depression was/is 10 years i’ve survived sobriety and serenity. now I’m posting this to you.

Addiction and recovery is such a hard path, I’ve always known fear and doubt surrounding the possibilities.

Surrendering to grace is so key, Thank you for sharing it.


Alms and Patronage

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