The Winding Path – 201

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2015-11-20 06:33

[Patheos Blog: Spiritual but not Religious – “The Thing about God”, by Anoop Alex]

The way of understanding most satisfactory to my needs, is that “nothing” = infinite potential.

Therefore everything becomes. But most importantly the root cause, infinitude, is what everything is made of.

The interplay of laws, forces, forms, and mind, that we experience as existence, is the immediate effect of primordial infinitude reflecting upon it’s own nature. Becoming aware of its existence. The emergence of experience.

The proof of this, is the dimensionless Now.

2015-11-20 09:59

Absolute time is the singularity. Not even sure it qualifies as “time”. Same for “space”. The distinctions arise with relativity. As do we, the “individual units”.

Attachment to the relative frame work inhibits understanding of the absolute.

To understand the absolute, one dies to the relative. That does not mean the body/mind, just the unconscious identification with it.

Anything else is more of the same. A familiar, and painfully beautiful dance, through kaleidoscope land.

2015-11-20 11:25

Anoop Alex – “There is no ultimate objective reality, only a web of subjective realities.

Objective reality would be the absolute Entirety. The Singularity. The All.

From your comments, I can’t tell if you contemplate the seamlessness of identity implied by that.

Singularity, engulfing concepts, data, senses, perspective, galaxies and universes. No distinctions and therefore nothing. Śūnyatā.

Where does this fit in your scheme of things?

2015-11-20 14:59

Anoop Alex – “I would say Consciousness is the Seamless All. There is a greater Consciousness of which we are a part and this material reality is a part. But within this reality we usually have a more limited level of consciousness. And this reality is not the ONLY reality.

What are all these divisions then? If “Consciousness is the Seamless All”.

Do you mean a greater Consciousness than yours and mine? In which case, a closer look at what is meant by you and me should follow.

Is Consciousness different than reality?

How are other realities, and this reality actually different? Beyond the contrivances of our perceptual and conceptual fields?

And again, who are we?

2015-11-21 08:30

Anoop Alex – “Consciounsess is the Oneness from which everything is derived. We are individuated units of awareness within this. Like fractal consciousnesses. This is just my belief ofcourse. I have no way to prove this. And the realities are not different except through personal perception.

It’s a good enough model to go with. But go where with it?

Some are predisposed to explore the meaning of Oneness. The non-difference behind the multiplicity. This is the path that most emphasizes knowing God, and the Truth of One Self.

The counterpart to that, is to explore outward into the permutations of individual and finite perceptual fields. This isn’t much different than how we lived when were clueless about “Consciousness being One”. Just that maybe, there will be some enhanced skill sets; Some psychic powers; Sidhhis.

A question I haven’t heard being asked though, is how do these two paths differ karmically? The inertia of experience either resolves or compounds.

Emphasizing One Self, or emphasizing the fractalized version; Which serves harmlessness and love better?

Does it matter? What do we hope the other guy is doing? etc.

2015-11-20- 14:41

ManFromAnotherPlace responding to stormee – “Take that further..God IS the universe?

Rather, the pure pristine infinitude of potential. Relative to which, the universe is a mere sideshow. Though we think it a big deal.


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