The Winding Path – 199

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2015-11-11 16:13

[Rudiger Hamsworth responding to SaintApollonia.]

Any evidence?

The thing is, how do YOU think it would work?


Say, for arguments sake the un-caused cause of the Universe (all multiples included), is by its nature Self aware from the get-go. Absolute and undivided sentience.

Omniscience being as simple as that. Awareness. Fair Witness. Infinite singularity. Eternal now. Dimensionless.

So, who are we?

I’d say, infinite iterations, of absolute awareness reflecting upon itself.

Our awareness relative to original cause, and so, perceiving change, experiencing other, expressing will. We are motivated.

The eyes, ears and experience of the un-caused cause..

Do we understand the nature of what we are made of? i.e. Nothing and everything?

Can we understand it? Do we want to? or, not? Does the question even arise?

In this scenario, Eternity has two faces. One of which (the relative one), is a very long time. What would that be like? Especially without knowing its other side; the timeless and non-personal aspect of Now.

You may well say, that it doesn’t matter. This is hypothetical, and anyway, I will eventually die. But where is the evidence of that?

2015-11-12 10:35

Rudiger Hamsworth – “I don’t know how it works but I’m not the one claiming to have all the answers.

I think that what all this theological and religious stuff is about, is for us to have a handle on our existence that isn’t about the jigsaw puzzle. The bits and pieces.

We have a need for holistic understanding. For most of us (even all of us), it will not be science that gives us that. Though it is best if science is along for the ride.

The infinite whole, cannot be subjectively experienced, by the objective study of a subset of it’s parts.

2015-11-12 10:59

Rudiger Hamsworth – “Religion only gives you answers. It provides no explanation or understanding.

Religion is about lifelong practice. The shaping of character, expectations and possibility.

Life is experienced through its filter. Through that experience, we understand Life. Through that understanding, we refine the filter.

If I personally intend, that the goal be an increased fidelity, then that goal will shape experience.

Though not a big fan of organized religion for my own purposes, I have to respect that the process experienced personally, is also at work there.


Alms and Patronage

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