The Winding Path – 197

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2015-11-09 15:21

[Epicurean pariah responding to Little Bear]

LB, not to be confrontational but we are imperfect and very complex beings. But we should learn to take personal responsibility and credit for the evil and good that we are responsible for, no angels and no demons. Just people, some a bit more real and dome more idealistic.

A cynic, what an idealist calls a realist.

A skeptic, a free thinking mind , open to new information. Unconvinced.”

People should examine their use of the word “imperfect”.

In light of the millennia required to arrive at it;

How could the moment be any different than it is?

2015-11-10 08:53

Epicurean pariah – “b, I will figure it as fallible and open to the idea that I can err by accident and misjudge, as proven by the fact that not every single decision was perhaps the optimum play. Overall, I will bet on me, every time and give others my time

I like it. Yes, there are inefficiencies built in. Imbalance, being the fulcrum of change.

The exercise I always want to remind people of, is about seeing the “suchness” of the moment. The perfection of the whole.

It is the secret of love, forgiveness (of self and other), non-judgement, and freedom.

2015-11-11 09:37

Epicurean pariah – “b, I just read your post and the thought occurred. Some think in terms of balance as static balance and dynamic balance is forgotten. It seems to me that dynamic balance accomplishes work, as in a physics term, static balance just stops moving, growing, evolving. It sits, and petrifies.

Neither without the other. Singularity. Truer than choosing between.

No matter how distasteful we make the less favoured side sound.

I’m reminded of Lao Tsu.

2015-11-09 13:28

[Really really Steve responding to the blog post “My Religious Views” by Mercy Davis. A good outline of Unitarian Universalists.]

here’s a thought..what if ‘god’ was like this:
you are a walking universe. did you know that? currently there are probably billions of organisms living on your body and in it. bacteria… bugs.. parasites… tiny little entities all hitching a ride through time on and in you. you are their world. you are the source of everything they ever will have or experience..yet you are largely unaware of them aren’t you? do you concern yourself with that one particular lactobacillus that currently is swimming in a certain portion of your gut? do they know your name? ..
.. why cant ‘god’ just be some unimaginably large being on whom and in whom we all are currently living and hitching a ride? they don’t know us. they aren’t concerned at all about us. then lets say that being on whom we ride through the universe is just another microbe in some even larger being? wouldn’t that be fun? an endless progression of ‘god(s)’ and beings occupying that god(s)?
if there is a god and that being is the source of everything, logically that being is infinite and its scope and scale cant even be grasped in the least by our tiny intellects. so logically while all religions might contain truth, none of them have it right totally. the religion can only perceive its ‘god(s)’ from its own tiny infinitely small section of that being. logically, as you care nothing about the critters that are in you… ‘god’ doesn’t really care about us. we simply are..

Gods aren’t all that interesting to me, but the infinitude of that ultimate all encompassing outpost; now that is!

Not the least of which, is because I am made of it. Its significance being its infinitude, and therefore that is what THIS is!

2015-11-10 09:28

charlesburchfield responding to the above – “yes! hold on to that IMO that is the core of the mystery of love.

Love is the nature of it. No separation. No need to approximate. Just open the door.

2015-11-09 14:06

Really really Steve responding to mike – “but see what you just did? without saying as much you are stating that your God is the true god and your ‘scripture’ is the truth in its entirety. you negate all other views of the same mountain.

Yes, you have spotted mike’s blind spot. And the mountain is yours.

Looking only at creation; only at one or twenty angles on the ten thousand things.

Though you know that God can not be one of them, but rather all. Beyond the point of any differentiation.

(The Deists have it wrong only, if they don’t realize the ongoing intimacy. Christians have it wrong only, if they don’t realize the Oneness that is God.)

2015-11-10 11:11

Really really Steve – “everyone has it wrong because religion … and ‘God’ is man made.

Without religion our attention remains on our next meal.

If there are beginnings, middles, and ends,

there will be distinctions and change.

Language, Dance, Dreams, Ritual /

Logic, Science, Philosophy, Art /

Revelation, Enlightenment, Freedom, Truth.

The idea of ‘God’, is inspired by the genius of mankind.

The realization of God, is the nature, source and fruition of that genius.

Religion is not “wrong”, it is an approximation. A work in progress. Until it is not needed anymore.

2015-11-11 10:217

charlesburchfield – “in the program I follow one can intuitively know.*/=)

Without intuition, reason is like a brittle and useless piece of flint.


Alms and Patronage

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