The Winding Path – 193

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2015-10-30 13:53

COMALite J responding to theot58 – “First off, it’s not true that all effects have a cause. That was the thinking of the Steady-State Theory that you referred to as being the prevailing scientific view of the early 1990s. The Big Bang Theory shows that there must indeed have been a First Cause or Uncaused Causer, but that need not be any sort of deity. The Big Bang itself fits the qualifications of being the First Cause / Uncaused Causer.

From the universal singularity came not only all matter and energy, but space and time as well. There’s no such thing as “before” the Big Bang because there was no then then. It was a moment with no prior moments. When it was the brief present moment, there was no past to that present.

There is also no ‘outside’ the Universe. There’s no space there, not even an empty void. There’s no there there. The Universe isn’t expanding into anything. It has no edge. It’s finite and constantly increasing, but is unbounded.

So, no, there was no, ‘at one point there was nothing.’ There was no point in time in which that was the case because there was no time for there to be such a point in time.

All true and beautifully put.


of course, “…some sort of deity” didn’t do it.

“God” on the other hand, as the Entirety, definitely sums thing up, and also, has a better ring to it than “The Big Bang”.

There is no inside-or-outside to this, unless, as an artificially independent observer, you narrow it down to a relative perspective. i.e. “time and space”.

The “independence” of that observer is relative and transient. It does not describe reality as an undivided whole.

To put some icing on the cake, I will point out that Singularity, manifesting as everything, remains Singularity.

And, timeless is another word for eternal.


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