The Winding Path – 191

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Wesley Parish – “It seems that your whole description of events come from a certain bias that you hold. You start off by saying ‘Consider that what brought all things into existence.’ How do you know that something brought all things into existence? Do you simply mean the event itself? If it is the event you define as God then there it has no further involvement with the development of the universe.

Your second statement draws me to a conclusion about what your belief is, but I may be off. You define the existence of infinity as the ‘I Am,’ or sentience. How does this definition connect with your initial one? It seems to me that you are simply defining aspects or occurrences of nature as different aspects of the biblical God or his involvement in the universe. So do you believe that the God of the bible exists? It does not seem so from your statements, though once again I may be wrong about this.

Defining Nature as the primordial Self Awareness is just intentionally confusing, it would seem to me.

Finally, you say that knowing God simplifies and clarifies, while ignoring him complicates and obfuscates. Ignoring God only complicates in that it provides us with no explanation of anything, so we must discover these explanations ourselves. This is science. Knowing God can only simplify when you use it as an explanation for things you do not otherwise understand. This is where the “God of the Gaps” argument arises.

Thank you for your well thought out comment. I did throw that bit about “Universal sentience” in there somewhere. Probably should have saved it until the ideas of “infinitude”, “Singularity”, “Entirety” were better established.

The way I see it: The common ground is “infinitude”.

Primordial “nothingness”, as in pre-space-time. Dimensionless. “Empty/Full” , Singularity. Nothing else. Non-duality.

Unbounded potential. Its own nature expressing (as in, emergent characteristic) us (the universe included).

In a nutshell, “creation”. Infinitude expressed infinitely as Existence and Experience. Change.

The original condition remains, and per it’s “infinitude”, is not different from This.


Reality is the Entirety. Not the measurable subsets that science studies. The whole is not understood holistically, by a study of its components.


The dynamic quality of infinite nothing, manifesting as infinite everything, is experience. This is the awareness I spoke of. The essential quality of consciousness. Best know as Self. The “I Am”, Buddha nature, The Tao, Christ.


Humans experience a further compounding of this as the abstracted, mind created sense of self. Usually called Ego. The denser the human experience gets, the more this abstracted and seemingly separate self, eclipses it’s own nature.

That original nature, primordial infinitude, has not gone away. It is eternal. Not, in Truth, separate from anything.

This singular moment, the Now, is all there is. No matter how it seems.


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