The Winding Path – 181

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2015-09-29 11:01

Martin Hutton responding to a blog post by Ryan Patrick McLaughlin

This is pretty pathetic. You assume your god exists and has certain characteristics and attempt (unsuccessfully, I might add) to twist the evidence to suit your conclusions.

With the age of the known universe at 13.5by (let’s ignore pre-big bang speculation), the age of the earth at 4.5by, and the existence of humans (Hom. sap.) at no more than 200,000yrs, it is obvious that this planet and its inhabitants are not the prime focus of a creator (if in fact there was a creator). It’s rather like finding a moldy piece of orange that was dropped behind the fridge six months ago and claiming that activity and well being of the mold is of concern to the builder of the house containing the kitchen.

So, get a grip and stop with you fantasies and presuppositions.

We exist and so have been created.

The nature of that process is always worth our attention.

Saying or assuming more, is always provisional.

But life is for living, and we will fill it with meaning and understanding.

The process by which we exist compels us to do so.

2015-10-09 10:16

Martin Hutton – “ ‘We exist and so have been created.’ Claims of facts without evidence and so can be dismissed without evidence.

I have no argument with the rest of your post except to modify the referent for ‘that process’.

Claims of facts without evidence and so can be dismissed without evidence.

The statement that this refers to defies contradiction. It is a common sense application of the word “created”.

The “referent for ‘that process‘”, at least by my standards, is due the highest regard. It is the undivided whole of existence.

My relationship to that, is also a dynamic process and not isolated from it. At times this involves conceptualization, both original and borrowed, but it is bound by nothing of the sort.

What more can I say?

2015-10-09 10:58

Re-reading the blog post which is called “The Real Theological Challenge of Evolution“, and is hosted on Patheos at The Evangelical Pulpit, there seemed to be something more to say, specifically to his point.

Ryan Patrick McLaughlin – “It is rather about the character of a God who would create a world that facilitates such violence on such unthinkable scales. To this problem there is no clear solution.

The “solution” is in the inseparableness of God and Creation. The answer has been in front of Christians for 2000+ years in the words and example of Jesus. “I and the father are one”.

By this, he points to the nature of “Christhood”. Our original and ultimately, always True nature.

Restored to that, who is harmed? Who is victim?


Alms and Patronage

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