The Winding Path – 179

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2015-09-14 10:52

Chris Highland – “People may not share a common god but we can all share in the common good!

Getting to the understanding that gods are not God, would go a long way.

Theists and atheists alike, seem to worship from different sides of the same alter.

Ranting, raving or railing from Abrahamic collections.

Poets and Naturalists, not so much.

2015-09-14 12:01

Daniel Wilcox – “Isn’t that what counts in the end, the ethical stories, the calls for treating each other as we would want to be treated, etc.?

That, and an example of what the “awakened human being” is.”

So few seem to have a sense of the mountain top anymore?

Just to be clear, I liked your comment but needed to add another verse.

The miracle of existence isn’t a miracle if we can wrap it in math and make it obey “our” laws.

How is that better than the deification of Jesus of Nazareth when he was only showing us who we really are?

2015-09-15 10:43

Stan Bennett responding to Annerdr – “Perhaps the real question is not who do we blame, but how do we make things better.

It sure would would be helpful to those of us with not so “batsh*t crazy” (to quote mason) theistic inclination, if you all could realize that your problem is with the Abrahamic god.

A god with motives and agendas emerging from a culture dedicated to the idea that they are the “chosen”.

This is not contemplation of the divine, but the root of politics.

Is there truly no curiosity left in you at this point? Or has “that” religion broken you?

The miracle of existence deserves the name God, beyond this, we season to taste.

Seems to me it is just time to go back to school.

2015-09-16 15:52

Stan Bennett – “I sometimes still have bouts of curiosity but I just lie down and let the feeling pass.

//The miracle of existence deserves the name God…// it’s not a bad thought but it’s interesting to note the certainty of your statement, which usually shuts the door to curiosity.”

One of the things I look forward to is asking my questions without looking over my shoulder.


As for certainty, I think that a good sense of curiosity is an antidote for too much of it.

Like the elegance of mathematics, so too with a finely honed discernment for what rings true.

Best to avoid dogma like the plague.

But then you already know this.

2015-09-15 11:28

Linda_LaScola responding to ctcss – “My opinion — briefly and broadly stated — The philosophy of Jesus included some good ideas, but the human institution that came to surround Jesus, like many institutions, became complicated and corrupt. Now we’re coping with the corrupted and complicated institution that has grown up around the philosophy.

For some people (you, for instance, ctcss) the philosophy of Jesus works positively in their lives. Others, (like Stan) associated with the complicated and corrupt human institution(s) built up over the centuries around the philosophy, have become afflicted by it.

For any of us who dedicate our lives to the contemplative art, it is a given that we have to navigate the secular side of things.

Sorting out motivations, desires and influences is the name of the game.

This is mindfulness.

Learning by rote or getting boxed in by convention, is a sure fire way to loose track of the real.

There is always an improvement to be made. Something to let go of. A way to play it “closer to the bone”.

2015-09-15 11:58

Annerdr – “I suspect we’ll always have people who want to control others.

And, unfortunately, people who either rely on being controlled, or are unwitting in their choices of leadership.

Not everybody is a mere breath from enlightenment.

Not everybody should be in charge, or ought to teach.

The mass religion thing is always going to be stratified in that way.


The more children are encouraged to be curious and interested; The more avid for new understanding, the better. Life in truth, is continuous learning. It is not really that hard to imitate the purity of this. Nature is our mother and our father. As simple as that.

Religion at it’s best is the village of kindred souls. The reservoir of wise elders.

Children are the seeds of the village; They are the streams that fill the reservoir.

In my opinion.

2015-09-17 09:41

chopin – “the last bit you wrote reminds me very much of robert bly.
Are you familiar w his men’s movement workshops (he is jungian I think), poems, books? He wrote iron john.

I am familiar with him, though not well read in his work. Jung and Campbell more so.

The use of drumming in his retreats is where I resonate most.

I do seem to have waxed more localized and psychological than usual in the above (no mention of infinity at all).

Watching what I was writing, I was reminded of someone like Black Elk, and thought it might sound like mimicry to other readers .

Yet submitted it anyway.

chopin – “I very much appreciate your contributions.
I think in terms of spirit families.
IMO there is a kind of ‘voice’
& I try to discern it on the blogs I follow.

and thank you.


Alms and Patronage

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