The Winding Path – 177

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2015-09-10 16:23

Vanessa K Mcalister – “…God and Jesus …?

If “God and Jesus” are one, then you might want to just say “God”.

Otherwise you have distracted your reader with a reference to two “gods”. (And you have demoted the God of other religions to mere “gods” as well)

This validates the sophomoric arguments of the atheist, whose understanding will only be as muddy or clear as our own.

2015-09-11 09:01

THC4ME responding to Bull31 – “Which basically boils down to religion being a coping mechanism.

Some of us find it to be a much needed antidote to hubris.

2015-09-11 09:32

Bull31 – “I have two degrees. I’ve sat through enough science classes to know that we don’t know much, quite honestly, about much. There is so much we cannot explain via scientific means. My faith in science not only serves to strengthen my faith in my religion, it supports the idea that out of this chaos has arrived order. Why? The two concepts of blind faith and science are not mutually exclusive ideas. Religion is how we reconcile the unknowns. As long as we have unanswered questions, we will ALWAYS have faith and religion.

It’s not just about unknown answers.

There is the day to day, moment by moment engagement with the eternal.

The cultivation of enlightenment.

2015-09-11 09:51

Johnathan Galt “… an un-created creator caused the universe to come into existence simply by enabling a handful of laws of physics and chemistry.

An understanding which requires no church, priest or scientist.

The “un-created creator” is the boundless potentiality of infinitude.

Creation is the emergent characteristic of that.

Entirely. Nothing excluded. Laws of physics, Self awareness and the chaos of change.. A singularity.

The infinite nature of the origin is expressed throughout “creation”. Seamlessly.

Eternally now…


Alms and Patronage

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