The Winding Path – 175

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2015-09-04 11:25

(Responding to Violet.)

There is only God.

Playing into the foolishness of “which god” only perpetuates politics in the realm of unity.

Does a god or gods exist or not? Who’s god is better, bigger, stronger or more rational?

Mankind’s world grows too small and chaotic to bear that, and we have been doing it too long.

We can all learn from the classical Hindu attitude of “if you’re into God then bless you.”

This despite the pantheon of deities, avatars and yoga schools, which are generally known to be artifacts of “religion”.

The images and practices of worship and meditation are necessary means but not the end.

David – “You are correct that there is only God, but we don’t live in that world of thinking, If we did then I wouldn’t ask. Everyone Religion has their own god and their own beliefs. I don’t ask because i believe that there are many gods, i ask because religions have their own versions of God.


The “concept is not the thing”.

“The finger pointing at the Moon is not the Moon”.

There is only God. Not your god and my god.

Thank you.

David – “so the question i should have asked is…
What Version of God do you believe in instead of What God do you believe right 😉

That is continually being refined by experience.

I concentrate on God as Infinity. Not as a something Big, or a never ending series of numbers. Those are infinite, not “infinity”.

Infinity is the eternal Here and Now.

I concentrate on the Self of my self.

As in, “I and the Father are One”.

2015-09-04 12:01

David – “just wondering BRMCKAY…. what do you think of the “Conscience” ?

We are conflicted within ourselves. Working both ends against the center.

Since the life we lead is often deep in the trance of what we’ve been calling “fallen from grace”, our actions, thoughts, and attachments either dig that hole deeper or lead us toward the light.

Our true nature (let’s say soul) is the knowledge of what is really True.

It is the Christ, a Beacon leading to safe harbour.

We can ignore it or do our best to head straight in.

2015-09-06 07:46

David – “where do you think that the Conscience originated from ?

So, David,…why are you asking me this, after all that has been said?

Have we been talking about “shoes–and ships–and sealing-wax–Of cabbages–and kings”?

If you are tired or bored, just say adieu, and get on with your own thing.

David – “no no i just want to hear what other people think 🙂



Alms and Patronage

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