The Winding Path – 174

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2015-08-31 11:51

Like a jam session.

Sometimes there is a repertoire, and other times a free for all.

Unless you start to play, the experience remains a theory.

We learn to trust the process. It is a a practice. It is prayer.

Intbel – “Yes, if a number of people play together long enough they will eventually be playing in harmony.

The collection of individuals know as ‘humanity’ as been playing on Earth for a long time and would be in harmony if it was not for those who deliberately create disharmony with the result that we argue and fight amongst ourselves.

When we do not benefit from what we do – why do it?

I don’t think that the cause of disharmony is well summed up by “deliberate” intention.

There is a fundamental ignorance at work.

We are not in Truth, separate or even different in nature from the eternal Life that is God.

But, not being reliably aware of this, we fill time getting and dying.

The “we” that people identify with is pretty much never the universal “We”.

2015-09-03 15:51

It is not hard to prove God if one starts with the obvious. Infinitude and existence. (i.e. finitude).

After that, imagination and science stir the pot, making it hard to tell which end is up.

2015-09-04 10:20

louismoreaugottschalk – “…who can make a way where there is no way.

I like that.

Thank you for your very particularly informed commentary.

I have been talking with a friend who is 30 years sober this month, about the 12 step program, Dr. Bob and Bill W.

I was amazed at the exact parallel to “yoga sadhana”, or to any equivalent, deliberate cultivation of “spiritual awakening”.

The whole world of addiction and recovery is like looking at the human dilemma through a magnifying lens.

Grace is what makes any of it work.

… it takes grace to break into one’s consciousness (the infinite acting on one’s behalf, in one’s finite life & time).

Beautiful. And, it is our common ground. If only we open the door and step outside.

2015-09-04 11:09

Intbel – “Of course, there could well be many gods – why not?

In this scenario the term ‘god’ is a finite entity. No more significant that say a “Bill Gates” or the current CEO of Microsoft whoever that is at the moment.

I never understand why such a phenomena would be a satisfying investment of attention, or a source of inspiration.

Leaving me to lead an atheistic life, or to one devoted to contemplation of that which has no “other”.

This boils down the Entirety. For me Universe means all instances of universe and the infinite potential from which they spring.

If I am conscious, then consciousness is a latent characteristic of infinitude. However, projecting the limits of my version of consciousness onto infinitude, would be silly.


Alms and Patronage

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