The Winding Path – 173

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2015-08-30 09:21

(Responding to Violet)

There is only God.

Playing into the foolishness of “which god” only perpetuates politics in the realm of unity.

Does a god or gods exist or not? Who’s god is better, bigger, stronger or more rational?

Mankind’s world grows too small and chaotic to bear that, and we have been doing it too long.

We can all learn from the classical Hindu attitude of “if you’re into God then bless you.”

This despite the pantheon of deities, avatars and yoga schools, which are generally known to be artifacts of “religion”.

The images and practices of worship and meditation are necessary means but not the end.

2015-08-31 08:44

(Repeating from previous post)

kshitipandey – “there is a God as long as we live. We need faith to survive.

David – “what God do you believe in ?

brmckay – “I want to say shame on you!

But will rather ask, why don’t you know better than to ask such a question?

The trouble with monotheism is that is stops short of of monism. And so, leaves the door open for politics.

David – “I can ask anything I wish, there is nothing wrong with that, no shame.
So what god do you believe in ? 😉

There is only God.

David –
Are you saying that all the individual gods of each religion are the same god ?
Are you saying that all religions and their gods are wrong ?
Are you saying that all religions and their gods are all based on thee God ?

Your talking about conceptualization and style.

From that angle it’s all approximation.

If your version of God allows for another please consider what that means.

Does it cast a shadow? How can that be?

2015-08-30 20:31

iCanThinkAndIDoThink – “I use both study & the Holy Spirit. I agree that both are not absolutely needed to commune with god, to grow closer to god, or to be a better Christian, but I still use both. Best wishes!

Interesting word; “study”.

… and the word “but”.

iCanThinkAndIDoThink –
I out of a personal quiet meditation session. I felt urged of God to study. God has an individual relationship with each. Some books will easily inform some persons & not others. I personally get a lot out of study. I check what i learn by study & meditation with trying to apply it. I check what I am trying to apply by prayer & meditation. There are folks who go off the rails because of some personal vision, their own or reported by others. There are those who go off track by deep study not confirmed by trying to live it & by quiet meditation. So I am not contradicting myself to say that study is not absolutely necessary & studying for oneself is helpful for some. Studying for oneself will prevent one from falling for the twisted text false teachers or from following the misguided ones or power & money & prestige hungry ones. But each person should steer his/her own boat. I lost my longer reply when my phone started flipping screens which might be good or bad & I will reply if you ask a more specific question.

Thanks for your reply.

I think I may be coming off a bit harsh in some of these posts. I would prefer not to.

I read and have read for inspiration, and for confirmation of what already makes sense.

Clearing the the way for grace.

Usually when people go off the rails, it’s not hard to spot an attachment to some result or expectation at the root of it. A Grasping after, or fleeing from some idea or other.

Even false teachers are their own victims. And no situation is permanent in this world, except that it will change.

In my opinion the best schools and religions teach one to see past the “ego” to the eternal Self. They emphasize the essential non-separation from God as the Truth.

Once one understands the simplicity of this, every day becomes ripe with opportunity to improve upon and to celebrate the situation.

This Truth is found everywhere. And has always been the Truth.


Alms and Patronage

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