The Winding Path – 172

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2015-08-29 09:31

(Responding to Gordon Everett Carpenter who is responding to a post by Anoop Alex.)

Holy Spirit.

Knowing how to read is not needed.

From the beginning. Always waiting.

Jesus does not advise, “read your bible”.

It would be better if Christians learned to listen

for the divine in all.

2015-08-29 10:04

DANiEL JACKSoN also responding to Gordon Everett Carpenter –
I hope you are correct, my friend. It would be ‘rude’ (of me) to burst your bubble.

Rude and unwise.

It would be like the Christian inability to translate from other paths. Names and words different than their own.

A flaw that requires they first sow the seeds of doubt in others. No matter who. Then mold them to their familiar model.

Cherokee Children singing hymns and wearing calico.

2015-08-29 10:12

Intbel – “I would really like to take part in this discussion but first I need to know exactly what is being discussed, so – define God, please, someone?

DANiEL JACKSoN – “You know…. God, the Big Guy, the Man, the King of Kings, the One and Only, the Everything and the No-thing. You know… that ‘Swarts’ that is with you, the Force.

Actually to define God, in limited words, would be impossible for there are no ‘words’ or ‘conceptions’ that can (truly) define God. In fact the word ‘god’ does not define god. God is truly ‘wordless’ in our expressions. ‘God’ (the word) is merely for references purposes only. Absolutely NO ONE is able to define GOD (in the this physical illusion and limited conceptions).

Intbel – “In that case, no-one knows what they are talking about so how can there be any legtimate discussion on God?

Like a jam session.

Sometimes there is a repertoire, and other times a free for all.

Unless you start to play, the experience remains a theory.

We learn to trust the processes. It is a a practice. It is prayer.

2015-08-29 10:36

David – “i never said to ignore all other religions, if one was wise enough and searched with an open mind then one would not stop at just the Word of God, and used his/her wisdom to search other religions…yes ?”

Intbel – “I do not accept the Bible is the word of god. Outside of that, we are in agreement.”

What are the qualifications for something to be “The Word of God”?

There seem to be different temperaments. Some require absolutes and others like it fuzzy.

All scripture gets channelled through those various filters.

And like art, some rises to universal appeal, and others not so much.

2015-08-29 10:45

kshitipandey – “there is a God as long as we live. We need faith to survive.

David – “what God do you believe in ?

I want to say shame on you!

But will rather ask, why don’t you know better than to ask such a question?

The trouble with monotheism is that is stops short of of monism. And so, leaves the door open for politics.


Alms and Patronage

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