The Winding Path – 171

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2015-08-28 14:16

Michael Mitchell – “…if we seek a God of love and integrity,…

By the cultivation of these virtues in ourselves.

we hope that He recognizes that we have reached the understanding that we can do nothing to earn His acceptance, as we cannot identify exactly we can do so.

Acceptance from that end should be assumed. It is we who are blind. A self imposed disability. Remove the distractions and impediments.

In accepting God, the illusion of being separate from Go is recognized for what it is.

It is not really relationship with God that we seek but realization of God.

Consider also that God also wants a relationship with us. How can we prove this?

It is the very same interest and hope that manifests in ourselves.

While of course, not putting stipulations on what it must be like. Beware of the effect of religion in this context. Authentic individuality is a prerequisite, for anything more than just pretend.

And so we pray for authenticity.

2015-08-28 15:08

Michael Mitchell – “‘Narrow is the road to righteousness …’ The world is ripe with those who will find God. As “God has placed eternity in our hearts,” then so He will lead us to Him by the means He has chosen. Free will does not mean we choose the way to God. This is the lie plaguing mankind, supplying many “spiritual” experiences but leading none to God.

The nature of “we” or “I” needs to be examined.

The habit of thinking in terms of “relationship with” or “seeking” God is a stop gap method.

When one such as Jesus say’s “I”, what does HE mean?

The Sanskrit word yoga means “yoke”, as in alignment and harnessing with.

This freedom of our will, IS the freedom of God.

And, as always, if “we” think “we” own it, we’re not free yet.

2015-08-28 12:17

Paul Hughes – “what would happen if you found out there was No God ?

That can only be a change in attitude.

What it means is summed up by; “Why the change in attitude?”

It doesn’t remove God, other than from our personal consideration.

Everyone has their own answers and dilemmas,

Against a background of the unchanging and eternal.


Alms and Patronage

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