The Winding Path – 163

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2015-08-05 09:34

[response to louismoreaugottschalk repeated from the previous post]

I appreciate your confirmation. Since I don’t want to get into it with this crowd, I can still satisfy my need to follow-up.

As an alternative “solution” to the previous sarcastic one I’ll just say that:

If the dragon has 10,000 heads, my response is to look for the root cause.

That cause has it’s efficient remedy. As you know.


louismoreaugottschalk – “I’m not sure I know the cause or the remedy to anything like a thorough explanation for eitherCause or remedy.

I have done some exploring of causes in order to answer my own existential anxt; ‘why, w no map, would I launch out of the frying pan into the fire!’

Seems to me each human is a microcosm that has trauma, consequences, triggers, syndromes, addictions that correlate and correspond to the macrocosm of the larger society we exist in and contribute to. I’ve identified at least five domains that have helped me understand things, have helped me find a lens to see the bigger picture. I always have in mind my activities are ways I seek in order to heal fr emotional/mental pain in order to have greater freedom and recovery for my microscopic self. I have a feeling that some of these things apply to the macrocosm of a dysfunk civilization.

And…the catalysing grace of the Higher Power.

The ignorance of it, being the cause. Knowledge of, and alignment with it, the “efficient” remedy.

Individuals entangled in the maze of self fulfilling pursuit, bound by a falsely finite horizon; This, is the dragon.

It’s many heads compounding exponentially.

2015-08-05 15:19

louismoreaugottschalk – “… magical thinking
wishing to control outcome
all one’s investments consumed by the passion to control
and have things come out for one’s own selfish purposes and reasons.
where did this obsession come from?
why does it continue to hold sway over the entire creation?
isn’t this what is talked about being spiritual wickedness in high places?
IMO grace comes if we ask.
more grace when one knows how & what & why & who to ask.

“Wickedness” I’ll reserve for intentional harm. Mostly our problems are a result of mistaken identity.

Not knowing the boundless field of our potential and seamless integrity.

IMO grace comes if we ask.
more grace when one knows how & what & why & who to ask.

This is the practice. Once we realize that we have been lost to it.

Even then, there is the danger of claiming ownership. Of asserting a proprietary or correct approach. Rules before results.

The myths and metaphors we lived by can color the interpretation of our inherent redemption. I consider it good, not to impose that on the next guy.

The dragon doesn’t need any more heads.

[By way of confirming the synchronistic efficiency of the “remedy”, I later followed louismoreaugottschalk to an excellent Christian blog where the same things had been getting said and read at the same time via Christian terms and citations.]


Alms and Patronage

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