The Winding Path – 161

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2015-07-30 10:24

Croquet_Player responding to Justin – “Interestingly however, a vaccine will work whether the person who received it believes it will or not.”

That is a good way to understand God as well.

2015-07-31 09:45

Lark62 – “Not really. When people stop believing, the deity moves from god to myth. Just ask Osiris and Ra and Zeus and Apollo and Jupiter and the rest.

Ask Odin, Thor, Freya and Saturn. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday are named for them, yet myth they are.

Reality remains true regardless of knowledge or belief. The earth orbited the sun even when humans thought the earth was flat and stationary. Pluto has existed for billions of years even though humans were unaware. Germs have been causing disease since life began even though the god of the bible didn’t see fit to let anybody know.”

The myth isn’t IT though is it? That level of engagement will always be a pantomime based on an approximation.

Until the undeniable realization.

Believing, refusing, or ignoring only defines one’s experience; With vaccines or God.

In the era of monism, who talks about deities anyway?

2015-07-30 11:50

[The following is from blog; “5 Things Christians Shouldn’t Say to Atheists” by Sr. Theresa Aletheia Noble. An ex-atheist returned to the Catholic church.]

Jeff – “I think it would be the coolest thing ever for me to personally meet and talk to the creator of the entire universe…. assuming such a being actually exists. And I have absolutely no reason to believe such a being exists.”

This I don’t get!

Putting all the Catholic conceptions and testimony aside for a minute, just what about the origin and manifestation of the universe isn’t sufficiently compelling enough?

Are you not in awe? Why compromise that awe fussing about the details of deities or the lack thereof?

Waiting for priests or scientists to tell you what the Truth is just wastes the opportunity.

Some tried and true generic guidelines:
– Scrupulous honesty.
– Alert mind.
– Open heart.

The most potent question, “Who Am I”?

2015-07-30 14:57

Jeff – “Um… that’s…. I don’t understand what you’re trying to say.

My point was that I’m perfectly willing to negotiate terms of worship and service with your god. I’ve tried seeking him out, and offering my service freely, and I got nothing. But I’m still willing. I’m still open-minded about this.

He just needs to come to me. I’m done chasing after him and begging for his attention.

I’m not Catholic or even particularly Christian, so not sure what you mean by “your god”. (sounds like a deity to me)

The “negotiate terms” thing seems REALLY strange.

Perhaps consider my previous comment as a “road not yet tried”.

Unless of course you’re only being facetious. (There is a lot of it going around.)In which case you might as well ignore the whole thing.


Alms and Patronage

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