The Winding Path – 157

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2015-07-18 10:42

louismoreaugottschalk – “I’m not familiar with the term ‘origami’ other than Japanese paper sculptures. please share with me what you’re discovering about that. also about the diests.”

Nothing beyond the folding of paper. Just a good analogy.

The All as both One and Everything.

2015-07-22 11:42

Jesus Bones – “The ‘somthing infinite and eternal’ of the bible is actually a mistaken belief, an old anthropomorphic idea of spacetime based on myth!”

It was early days then. Just as it is now.

The key understanding is to be found in “infinite and eternal”.

What happens on the surface of THAT, is indeed subject to interpretation. Always will be.

2015-07-22 11:59

Jesus Bones – “Absolute Truth is analogous to Absolute Time in fact they are closely related.”

This has been said for thousands of years. What has also been said is that the self that conceives of what is true is not the Absolute Self. That being analogous to Absolute Truth/Time etc.

Not “closely related”, but the same.

2015-07-23 10:37

Jesus Bones – “A Taoist? Tao is intriguing, not the little bit of religion so much as the philosophy!”

As a wanderer, no “ist” has had strong hold on me.

The ability to translate comes easily through many and diverse contacts.

There is a thread of Gold running through all cultures.

Lao Tsu makes my heart sing, no matter what the Emperors or Mao get up to.

2015-07-22 15:55

Mike Gantt – ” ‘Letting people marry who they love’ is completely inadequate as a definition of marriage.”

“The times they are a change’n”

We don’t have slavery anymore either.

Mike Gantt – “Non sequitur.”

Oranges and Oranges.

How are the fluctuations of social norms anything but relative in relation to the absolute that is God?

How is God anything but BOTH relative and absolute?

The All.

How to approach THAT?

(hint: Matthew 22:37-40)

Mike Gantt – “Removed from its context (i.e. the Bible), Matthew 22:37-40 eventually loses its meaning. This is evidenced by the people who today think that when Jesus said to love your neighbor that He meant to approve of your neighbor’s homosexuality.”

You are imposing your preference.

The real context is viewpoint of Jesus. Not the Bible.

Mike Gantt – “Of course, Jesus is central. But you wouldn’t know that without the Bible.”


2015-07-23 09:44

Mike Gantt – “You have some other source?”

The fruit of sincere contemplation.

A mindful effort to see past personal expectations and desires.

Steering clear of the projection of judgement upon others and myself.

Opening my heart to the inherent Love latent in absolute connectedness.

Nurturing the increasing understanding of God’s nature and my own.

Listening closely to the voices of those who have gone before me, both ancient and contemporary.

Recognizing the ever present guidance of the Entirety that is God.

2015-07-23 11:21

Mike Gantt – “I also accept the Bible’s teaching that the human heart makes us capable of self-deceit (Jer 17:9) and that the Bible exists to be ‘guard rails’ to keep ‘the fruit of our sincere contemplation’ on track.”

I’m curious, did Jesus actually emphasised the Bible as the primary source for confirmation?

I tend more towards trust in the “Guru/Holy Spirit” for that.

This conversation is very interesting and illuminates the situation of the early church for me.

I’m currently reading “The Gnostic Gospels” by Elaine Pagels. Our differences seem to fall right along the lines of what she refers to as “orthodox” and “gnostic”.

Being aware of the editing processes carried out by the “dominant” branch of the church, how can you hold such a firm resolve?

As for “God being fine with homosexuality”, I can only say that as a phenomena within creation it is by default under the auspices of God. Whether or not it interferes with “sincere contemplation” and coming into awareness of unity in God as Christ, that will get played out within the individuals life.

What’s it got to do with you or I? We should simply be trusting towards the same result in our own lives.

2015-07-23 14:17

archaeopteryx quoting – “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ. — Mohandas Gandhi –“

Neil Carter responding to archaeopteryx – “But which Christ?”

Mahatma Gandhi’s ideal Yogi. Which is what this whole religion, Bible and even atheist thing is about.

Humans are reaching for something. How do you think we got to be Humans anyway?

It is all true even if it is lies. Since that which is seeking, is the flip side of it’s own self.

As Gandhi’s Yogi would tell you, remove the mirror and resolve the confusion.


Alms and Patronage

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