The Winding Path – 154

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2015-07-11 10:43

[Responding to GregAbdul who has been talking with Kevin Osborne.]

I think that he is suggesting that you step into that freedom which is your birthright. The lack of it based on your skin color is a self perpetuating distraction.

This is the same advice that he would give to me.

2015-07-12 09:43

[Responding to GregAbdul who has gotten completely of the rails.]

I can’t even finish reading your comment without stopping to tell you that you didn’t hear him (he did suggest reading his comment history).

Kevin is not an atheist and was letting you know that he addresses habits of viewpoint and their effect on our experience of innate freedom.

As for my understanding of Martin Luther King, it would be that he did not accept the role of a “negro” and helped others to do the same.

Malcom X did so as well from a different starting point, and eventually began to see beyond the primary identity with race.

As an aside, you might enjoy today’s instalment of On Being. It featured an interview with Rami Nashasibi.

GregAbdul – “there is more than one way to hear, //If you go to the atheist’s board, I tell them the same thing.\\ Generally I avoid Christian and especially atheist’s boards, because I am not one. I am hearing him. He’s a racist white man subtly defending white privilege. You don’t know what the main white argument against MLK was? GROUP RIGHTS. He is making the same exact argument here. He stands against MLK and lies about it. MLK fought for the rights of an entire category of people and expanded that category after 65 to include poor people in general. “Negro” was the common term back then. King, like most blacks back then, generally accepted the term, he did NOT accept white hate as something that blacks should accept and ‘just get over it.’ Please sir, your problem…and his problem, is that you think you need to teach me….you need to quit siding with racist whites. You need to acknowledge and abandon slave religion. You and he show how Christianity reinforces prejudice. The most toxic lying form of religion (slave religion) there is when it comes to blacks and all you can do it talk to me about how ignorant I am and you need to teach me…’master’s jesus.’ Whites like you need to learn some shame and I don’t have a link to send you to so you can get some.”

As far as I can tell, you have a “one-size-fits-all” reaction to any caucasian. This is the essence of “racism”.

I used the term “negro” in a different sense than the way you took it.

So my meaning has been obliterated. In exactly the same way that you ran-off-the-rails in your last response to Kevin Osborne.

At this point I’m pretty sure that you are hard-wired for this response, and incapable of even imagining that he, I or any “white” you interact with, are not as you have portrayed us.

I wish that Martin were here to set you straight. The world that we are all creating together would be better for it.


Alms and Patronage

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