The Winding Path – 138

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2015-05-06 11:58

ObscurelyAgnostic – “You’ve given a very eloquent expression of why religion evolved in our species in the first place — ‘The pressure on ourselves to reach for the highest meaning. The quest for transformation. Cultivation of harmlessness, a template for discerning right and wrong. Reverence, Nobility, Awe, Joy.

How we aspire (and even occasionally achieve for a few moments at a time) these noble goals are a completely private and subjective choice that should be deeply respected. In that sense I can even cut the “religion of atheism” some slack — at least when it’s not evangelizing others ;)”

Yes. I generally try to “cut every one some slack”, but also keep the pressure on if it seems horizons could be expanded.

Active evangelicalism of course, gets extra attention, but even then, we all have blinders of some sort. I know discovering and keeping track of mine is a full time job.

“Private and subjective” …. is interesting. In terms of spiritual development, there is a point when nothing remains private. Nothing is hidden. This is a good. But only when we’re ready. We set the pace.

There is also an aspect of our subjective “experience” which is community property. In that, if it is authentic, it is the common ground of all. The transmission of the guru to the disciple or a great artist’s effect on the audience.

The issue of ownership comes into consideration. Where the question of “origin” or “root cause” comes in.

Do we own ourselves? Who is this “we” and what do we own?


Alms and Patronage

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