The Winding Path – 136

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2015-04-28 11:10

[Note: The original blog post was about similarities and influences between Christianity and Buddhism.]

Duncan Pugh respoinding to Blank Ron – “Yes there are similarities with Socrates too. I think it has been argued that Buddhist ideas were transmitted by King Ashoka to Greece. Karen Armstrong talks of the Axial age which as I recall suggests a bit of both … or at least that a number of cultures were ripe for developing these ideas and receptive to this new way of thinking both in the East and the West.”

It is important to step beyond “thinking” of these as “good ideas”.

At ground zero they were/are “experience”.

So much contention arises because we “mistake pointing fingers for the moon”.

Reality, untroubled and unchanged by our abstractions, is knowable as Truth. It is a game changer.

2015-04-28 14:01

Duncan Pugh – “Agreed … I believe it is called yathabhutadarsana in the Buddhist tradition (seeing things the way they really are) in the Western tradition Meister Eckhart and Hegel seem to taking a similar perspective in my opinion … but is experience ever truly unmediated?”

” … but is experience ever truly unmediated?”

Attachment remains until it doesn’t. But the root of attachment is a mistaken identity. The finite Ego. A creation of the mind.

Experience and experiencer indistinguishable. Your question cannot be answered.

Ray_Downen – “We can learn all we need to know about Jesus from study of apostolic writings.”
I thought it was Father, Son and HOLY GHOST. I think these budget cuts have gotten WAY out of hand!
“Buddha’s way leads to death.”

Well actually, bearing false witness tends to keep “death” in play. Buddha would have advised against it. (Jesus as well, but you knew THAT right?)

Ray_Downen – “Those who oppose Jesus will find themselves in a bad place later on. “

Not sure that Jesus would approve of your Mafia Don scenario.

Maybe try asking your self what he really meant by “I am the Way the Truth and the Life.”

Is this a description of his relationship to God? Or, his street cred, entitling him to be the Boss?

Do we worship at his feet for eternity or, get to the point where we too can credibly say, “I and the Father are One”?

“No one comes to the Father but by way of me”

Who is this “Me”? He has already told us. There can only be One.

Ray_Downen – “For the record, it might be well to recognize that ‘the gospel’ which Christians are to carry throughout the world is about Jesus. His coming to earth. His living on earth. His teaching on earth. His death. His resurrection. His commission for us to tell others ABOUT HIM wherever we go in the world. He is Son of Father God. He sent His Spirit to empower the apostles. But the gospel is about JESUS.”

Thank you. Actually I do respect and even appreciate this.

I just have some difficulty with, and feel obliged to point out, some things based on my own understanding. Always hoping to keep it positive, moving in the right direction and most importantly be as True as possible. (it’s all a work in progress.)

If Jesus is in equal measure God, Himself and Holy Ghost (I interpret this as eternal Guru), I worry when people either deify him or make an idol out of the Bible.

This is all ultimately about Us and the fullness of our Understanding of God.

[Edit: I originally said “Relationship to God”, but that didn’t seem quite right. When Jesus says “I and the Father are One”, This is not the same as “relationship” the way we experience it in our mortal form.]

Ray_Downen – “Try as anyone might, no human can become God. Buddha was no prophet of truth. Jesus is indeed the Way, the Truth and the Life. We do well if we aim to love as He did and live as He did and trust the Father as He did. But He is God and we are NOT God. Nor ever will be.”

You are not a Buddhist and so do not understand the Buddha as one. It is easy to scapegoat. A common practice.

However, the way to Peace is found in your own Teachers words. “Judge not lest you be judged.” “Love God with all your heart, mind and soul. And your neighbor as your self.”

If Jesus can say “I and the Father are One”, then that is also our destiny.

We do not replace God by arriving at this “enlightened” state. Only regain original nature by casting off the illusion of separation.


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