The Winding Path – 134

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[Note: The guest on Krista Tippett’s radio show “On Being” this past Sunday (2015-04-23) was the science journalist Margaret Wertheim.   The interview turned out to very closely and articulately confirm the clumsy fumblings found at this site.  I’m adding Margaret Wertheim to my list of heros. (Krista Tippett has been on it for a long time.)]

2015-04-22 12:30

[Note: This is a response to a comment I made in an earlier post (The Winding Path – 132)]

chrijeff – “I’ve read that sin is ‘separation from God.’ But human beings were never part of God. Even if you accept the Biblical story (I don’t), he created them out of existing materials, not from himself. (Now if he’d taken out one of his *own* ribs, and made Adam from *that*…) To me, sin simply means doing gratuitous harm to any living thing–including the Earth itself. Just as, in the original language, the Commandment isn’t ‘Thou shalt not kill,’ but ‘Thou shalt not do murder’–which, in Biblical times, probably meant killing members of one’s own group (i.e., other Jews). Our American Indians generally had rules against killing within the tribe (even suicide, among the Cheyenne, was murder–a self-killing), but not outside it. Similarly, the Jews certainly killed enough people in their wars (Canaanites, anyone?), yet God didn’t turn his back on them; instead he chose one of their women to bear his son. Logic. Christianity isn’t logical, but my beliefs, I hope, are.”


chrijeff  – “…But human beings were never part of God. Even if you accept the Biblical story (I don’t), he created them out of existing materials, not from himself.”

Where do these existing materials come from?

Actually they tell a pretty good tale of starting from scratch and iterating into the complexity of us.

Not bad really. How else would it work? Primordial Awareness echoing off the walls of infinite void.

Eternal compounding of it’s own nature upon itself.

2015-04-22 13:43

chrijeff – “Supposedly, he used dust. He had made the dust when he created the Earth. But the dust was not part of *him*. He said, ‘Let there be…,’ and there it was.

I can’t go down that road though.

i.e. where is “there”?

2015-04-22 16:29

chrijeff  – ” ‘In existence.’ As in, ‘Let there be light,’ and light was. It existed, where it had not previously.

(Granting, as previously noted, that you believe the Biblical account.)”

So, this “existence” thing. Upon what, or where, or how? Even when?

First Theological problem. Does God exist?

In this same manner as light?

Who has made God?

I would rather propose, that upon the first occurrence of “existence”, awareness of that existence is also born.

“I Am That I Am” That which people usually call God. The Primordial Self.

From this, all existence proceeds.

The Potential to Existence, Existence and all that exists, not different.

Infinitude. Neither large or small, nothing, and therefor All.

You may have noticed that the primitive dualism of an Abrahamic religion leaves it rife with contradictions.

But what does it matter? The potential of enlightenment is ever present anyway.


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