The Winding Path – 133

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2015-04-20 15:46

mason – “I include myself in the ‘absolute certainty that God (the Abrahamic monotheistic chap) does not exist’ group. If I honestly thought there was one chance in a trillion trillion that God was not just a man made myth, I’d be a believer.”

It seems to me that the deeper into Christianity someone who is now an atheist has been, the harder for them to entertain an understanding, that both then and now, all they are talking about is a “stylistic” imagining of God.

I am always wondering, where was/is any curiosity about the real deal?

In the quote above, you first qualify what you mean by “God” as “the Abrahamic monotheistic chap”, but then, that cartoonish fellow reflexively morphs into an all inclusive Impossibility.

You are right, God is not a “myth”, so why keep those blinders on? Except as proof that our early conditioning is nearly set in stone.

2015-04-21 10:33

mason – “I think you mis-read my reply or I didn’t make it clear,…I’m saying God (all the Gods) is/are man made myth(s)”

I was mainly observing that the “proprietary” conceit of the “True God” (mythic representation thereof) that Christians are often associated with; Seems to have left many atheists boxed in as regards the Contemplative arts.

In other words; Having encountered the startling revelation that their particular mythic portrayal of the All Mighty, was full of holes, they jump to the clumsy conclusion that there can be no God.

The point is pretty simple. Until the awakening of enlightenment, all conception of what we call gods or God is by it’s nature mythic and abstracted.

Not a problem unless someone becomes fixated and tries to pass laws about it. Or blow other people up over it.

But what does that have to do with God? With ultimate all inclusive Reality and our relationship to it?

2015-04-21 15:14

mason – “My ultimate all inclusive Reality is the Universe. I don’t believe in any deity or supernatural. All is natural & that’s more than super enough for me.

My concerted and scholarly opinion 🙂 is that the clumsy conclusion is that one of the thousands of man made gods actually exists when they are all myths without evidence and were clearly invented from anthropomorphic projections.”

So, basically we are saying the same thing.

Though I maintain the lexicon.

I’m curious about how you reference certain related behaviours.

(Cultivation of character, petitioning of fate for good luck, vigilance as regards truthfulness, appreciation of awe, etc.)

Is there a context for these and similar nuances related to living? Are they part of a process, or, are they random, arbitrary and inconsequential?

How do you interpret their value (if any) in yourself and in others?

2015-04-22 10:12

mason  – “Cultivation of character…worth more than gold

Petitioning of fate for good luck…worth less than gold, a four leaf clover and a rabbit’s foot

Vigilance as regards truthfulness… a priceless ideal, but we humans lie continually, sometimes just to be nice

Appreciation of awe…worth more than gold

Is there a context for these and similar nuances related to living? yes, our human cultural context as studied by sociologists, anthropologists, physiologists, and neurologists

Are they part of a process, or, are they random, arbitrary and inconsequential? ongoing process with random causations (genetic, environmental) none are inconsequential

How do you interpret their value (if any) in yourself and in others? I value rated them above”

Thanks mason,

It’s an interesting variation. Thank you for taking the time.

It’s nice to see that gold remains a persistent symbol of quality and high value in this scheme of things. I’m strangely comforted by the shared association, but notice that I haven’t actually understood the why behind your answers. Which I suppose is what I was getting at.

The neo-priesthood of scientists, leaves me informed but uninspired. However, since I don’t rely on the other kind anyway. Not sure why I mention it.

As for “random” , I can’t get that pony to fly. In this world/universe as I experience it, I see only chain reactions of cause and effect. The word “random” suggests unconnected. An island unto itself? There is always context.

And context is infinite. The fundamental characteristic of God.


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