The Winding Path – 132

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2015-04-16 11:08

Elizabeth – “brmckay, if you feel ok with elaborating, it would be fascinating to hear the kinds of ‘other pastures’ you enjoy….

It’s fun to read your perspectives, and thanks”

Thanks Elizabeth.

Your light touch and peaceful passage through these digital lands…

is inspiring.

And, as it is you who asks…

Since the 70’s my way has been to cherry pick from the classics and keep a open ear for those contemporary voices that ring True.

Today is dedicated to Rumi and the Sufis, thanks to one of your posts and another quotation I stumbled on while coming in to work.

Left to my own devices, it comes out like Patanjali. But Lao Tzu has been a big hit too.

Ramana Maharshi and Neem Karoli Baba. Om.

2015-04-17 14:47

(Responding to a blog post by Morton Guyton called – “When people with power do not fear God.”)

The closest thing I find in myself to “fear of God” is the fear of foolishly wasting this life as a human being by not seeking enlightenment. Not closing the gap between me and God.

Every moment counts and here we are wasting millennia on wars and avarice. Killing the planet because we can’t think of anything better to do with it.

Once one understands what is being squandered, something like “fear” or a sense of urgency is a natural response. Never mind about what the somnambulant and often thuggish brethren are up to.

Honesty is the way we go about becoming real. Authenticity is a prerequisite for awakening.

2015-04-17 15:17

Ok, sorry for teasing you.

I can relate to the problem expressed in this line…

chrijeff – “The only possible answer is that either “love” or “fear” is the incorrect term.”

You are right, the match does not fit. I tend to think that both terms are off the mark in a similar way.

The Love thing in Christianity always seems overly anthropomorphic and the fear thing seems like it means something different than we mean fear.

Morgan’s translating it as “respect” is a good solution.

For what is is worth, I just finished “writing” a bit of a comment above related to this.

2015-04-20 14:39

(Responding to chrijeff.)

You have me thinking about this more than usual. (also projecting myself into Christian shoes more.)

Today I was realizing that something like fear arises when I catch myself behaving or thinking in ways that sets back “progress”. Or, might even precipitate negative karma, difficulty or bad luck.

Like “judging” someone or realizing that I still have moments of “prejudice”, or “hate”.

I can understand a fear of alienating God. (Whether that is possible or not, we might imagine it.)

Ideally the Love thing should be unconditional.

But for Jews, until Jesus, what assurance was there of that.

And for those who misunderstand the actual message of his incarnation. (i.e. They make him a deity.) The fear remains. (i.e. Hell)

Of course fear gets mitigated by forgiveness. But until that is assured, having mastered it’s practice ourselves, I suppose we will be prone to worry.

2015-04-21 09:36

(Responding to chrijeff.)

There is a lot of less than helpful psychological residue left over from that particular ancient culture.

For instance the Hindus traditionally recognize something like 10 avatars. The Hebrews, besides imagining themselves as the Chosen People, imagine that theirs will be the first and only one. Just, couldn’t quite get 100% on board with Jesus. Wasn’t what they were expecting. Found something about the whole thing inconvenient.

I don’t have trouble understanding, or even believing in, the phenomena of direct incarnation. However, that incarnation is subject to the same All Inclusive Nature of God as you or I am.

Whatever it takes to drive the point home. Our reduced circumstances as self absorbed mortals, is not the “Real” picture.

The confusion about what “Sin” is, is probably the most telling legacy of the Judeo-Christian trajectory.

For me, it (sin) is the fundamental confusion of identity. The unconscious orbit around the mind generated imitation of Self often called ego.

The simple statement, “I and the Father are One”, sums up the True Man. The Atman identical with Brahman.

Whether through resolution of karma or direct and virginal incarnation.

“The Son of Man”. Moksha, Nirvana, Heaven. No matter how much we beat around the bush. This is the business of Life.


Alms and Patronage




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