The Winding Path – 131

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2015-04-15 07:24

brmckay – “A purely objective universe without awareness does not exist.”

Wanderobo Axolotl – “In the early universe before life began, there had to be an objective universe in order for life to begin in it and then later become aware of it. That universe before life arose is the same universe we live in now. So it could not have popped into existence fully formed immediately upon the emergence of aware life. Prior to aware life emerging, aware life needed a universe in which to emerge, an objective universe without awareness. Aware life emerging without an objective universe in which to emerge is an impossibility on so many levels.”

Sort of a chickens and egg kind of thing though, don’t you think?

Let’s consider the nature of Time. Is the past really the past?

Here and Now. In the absolute sense. (The place where everything happens.)

If there is awareness, it is innately potential. Part and parcel. Just like gravity, light, and butterflies.

2015-04-15 09:46

(Responding to DavidMHart.  He has quoted me from a previous comment and then responded.  I’ve tried to make it easier to understand who is talking by editing the text to track like a conversation.)

brmckay – “I get the impression that your experience of religious thought is limited largely to the Abrahamic traditions and primarily Christianity.”

DavidMHart – “Okay, fair enough, I thought you were defending some form of Christianity, since you were trying to claim that Jesus is God. If you are trying to claim that Jesus is God in a way that is completely unrelated from the way that mainstream forms of Christianity claim that Jesus is God, it’d be useful to mention that upfront. But we needn’t worry about that yet until we actually start to get a handle on what you mean by ‘God’.”

brmckay – “Or… For some reason you are strategically keeping me off balance with unacknowledged points.”

DavidMHart – “Not deliberately, just trying to get you to describe your beliefs concretely enough that it would be meaningful to try to categorise them as true or false.”

brmckay – “I have a question for YOU. Why would one consider a multitude of universes rather than the aggregate of All as Universe?”

DavidMHart – “Well, I am not a cosmologist, I’m only going on what I’ve gleaned from reading a few lay-persons’ books on these subjects. If I remember rightly, there is the hypothesis that this ‘universe’ is something like ‘every particle that it would be physically possible for us to receive information about, or otherwise interact with’, and that there may be other ‘universes’ out there that are not ‘parallel’ with ours, but simply so distant, and moving apart so fast, that no information from them can ever reach us, or vice-versa. That’s probably a great oversimplification, possibly even a gross misunderstanding, but I’m not sure I understand why the question is relevant. I was asking whether ‘the sum total of everything’ (whether our universe is the sum total of everything that exists, or is merely one of many universes within a grander multiverse) is what you mean by ‘God’, and therefore identical with Jesus, or whether you are using the word ‘God’ to mean something different from the vast, but, so far as we can tell, mindless, non-sentient cosmos, a cosmos which it does not seem to be worth praying to.

Can I at least get a straight answer on what you mean by ‘God’ here?”

brmckay – “Infinitude is the whole point. It brings everything into focus.”

DavidMHart – “I’m afraid you’ve lost me again. Whole point of what, exactly? It’s a pretty-sounding phrase, but I’m not seeing how it could be meaningfully true or false. Can you paraphrase?”

Thank your for your honest reply. (it has been a rare experience lately)

” Whole point of what, exactly?”


My understanding is that Infinitude (as in Singularity, rather than as in unending sets of numbers or related things) is the root cause.

All of this (i.e. Universe) is the emergent characteristic of that absolute and unlimited potential.

Jesus, Buddha, the Vedic Rishis, You and me are not different than the primal Entirety. (no matter how convoluted our meanderings)

Our experience of a relative self is real, but only by proxy of the absolute Reality. (I call it God. You don’t have to.)

Our self is seamlessly rooted in the primal Self. It is not different than that. (no matter how it seems within it’s own orbit)

So, when Jesus says that “He and the Father are One” he is demonstrating the Truth of our Real nature.

If we remain myopically identified with the Body/Mind (the relative self) we die (whatever that means), If we don’t we don’t. (careful here, time to drop anthropomorphic habits of thought)

As for prayer, meditation, ritual, art, science. These are what we do. The more intentional the alignment with the process of enlightenment, the more the potency of our True Self quickens it.

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