The Winding Path – 128

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(Responding to Notagod)

You keep leaving subjective experience out of what you call the Universe.

Just where do you suppose you or I fit into the picture.

I’m curious what the justification for this is, in the circles you run in? Or is it completely unconscious?

As for testing and confirming; Just how is that done if the experience is subjective?

Purely objective reality is as much a myth as anything on your list of improbables.

Your statement….

” …the actual reality of the universe remains unchanged regardless of how humans perceive it.”

…can not be true. Universe means Universe. All phenomena and underlying potential.

It’s really perplexing just how much traction the “flat world” version gets among those who should know better.

Think about it.

(addendum: Upon reflection on my part, it is true that the universe remains unchanged no matter how humans perceive it, but only when it is understood as the Singularity. Absolute Infinitude. The Entirety.

However I’m pretty sure that this is not what you meant.)

2015-04-09 08:53

Notagod – ” ‘So let’s let it rest’?

Ok, so let’s slow it down a bit. Do you think that human perceptions alone can change anything beyond the orbit of the planet Jupiter? Please note that the orbit of the planet Jupiter is very (very very?) small when compared to the observable Universe, letting alone anything of the order you are suggesting with singularity, absolute infinitude, and the like.

I’m not intending to ignore the content of your reply I just want to make sure you really want to go there.”

Putting sensors in orbit around Pluto of course. But this isn’t really pertinent to any point I’ve made so far.

Why are you asking me this?

Back to apples and oranges.

And, as regards singularity, size doesn’t matter.

2015-04-09 10:16

Notagod – “I still want to be on the research team that studies you as now you are able to put sensors in orbit around Pluto by perception alone, you are truly a unique individual.

Because I suspect you’ve redefined Universe to exclude anything that doesn’t occur in the space between your ears. Apples and oranges indeed! Agreed upon definitions of words need to matter for communication to occur.

I need to stop, since Peter’s recent post I’ve totally lost what little interest I had in your silly game, it has become completely insignificant.”

Oy Vey!

2015-04-09 09:33

Kevin Osborne (responding to Notagod) – You are welcome to peruse that website to see how thoroughly I have examined this reality.”


Notagod (reaponding to Kevin Osborne) – “See there? Your weren’t able to change reality even with your best thoughts that you could. Incidentally, I think reality would be a lot better if there were no people exploiting fools and yet you still exist so it isn’t working for me either.”

Rescuing fools in his case.

Without an integrated comprehension of our absolute interconnectedness, your version of science will lead us like lemmings into the abyss. Right along side the other sociopathic jihadists.

Hubris is a blissful and exciting ignorance. Until it isn’t.

And faulting Kevin Osborne for raising the bar is just evidence of work yet to be done.

Kevin Osborne (responding to Notagod ) – “Early in one’s look into more, it is easy to feel attacked and to strike out. This is a function of feeling we are exploitable and therefore victims. Our freedom here lies in our personal willingness to move, which includes perceiving places to go to. Since it is choice made more or less consciously, being more conscious seems useful. Folks tend to be more reasonable and happy with choices and the striking out tends to fade. My experience.”
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