The Winding Path – 127

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brmckay – “Where did all this come from?  I’m sure you have some answer but why would it be more viable than any myth, metaphor or scriptural explanation.  It satisfies you and that is what matters but is also all that can be said.”


Notagod – “It came as a reply to the comment above it.

Myth and scripture have problems relating to current reality. That’s why they require metaphor to even make it out of the realm of unbelievable nonsense, although, they still often retain the character on nonsense even with the metaphor giving its all to the effort.

Reality doesn’t care if I am satisfied with it, all that matters to me is that I try to understand it and do the best I can without disregarding it.”

Sorry about the ambiguous first line. I was mentally waving my hand across an imaginary horizon when I wrote it.

As a result the remainder of my comment also got off on the wrong foot.

Though the satisfaction I was referring to was your’s, not reality’s, that part of your response is interesting.

“Reality doesn’t care if I am satisfied with it, all that matters to me is that I try to understand it and do the best I can without disregarding it.”

The assumption that there is no feedback loop between our aspirations, deeds and dreams does not match my experience.

So I can’t concur.

If I want to walk across the room, it usually happens. This phenomena is an example. The complete spectrum of possibility is as yet unexplored.

I find that the universe is malleable, restrictions seem to be imposed by my habits and expectations. These in turn can be changed or removed.

Notagod – “Your life is apparently much different than mine, color me surprised that you always get what you want and/or can always do what you want.”
Perhaps try a different lens. This type of exaggeration doesn’t help. Just makes my statements seem inane.

What I described is the type of intentional effort that one practices when the God/enlightenment thing becomes paramount.

You also could try brushing up on the concept of karma. The Sanskrit term means “work” or “action”. It is usually naively thought of as “good or bad”, but is rather, the inertia of thoughts and deeds. Cause and effect with consciousness factored in.

Isolating the subjective experience from what it considers reality is the root cause of our confusion.

This has all been said before and better. But the understanding can get lost for generations. Drowned out by residual primate passions and fears.

Hubris and addiction to novelty.

Notagod – “Well, whatever it is it certainly isn’t helping you make clearly understandable and well structured arguments. I’m not implying that my writing is better, just that yours isn’t. So what’s the point of all the fluff?”
I apologize. But mainly, this is just something that doesn’t interest you.So let’s let it rest.
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