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(From Patheos blog – A Catholic Thinker – Tod Worner – “On Catholicism & Atheism…My Dogma & Yours”)
Tradition, Doctrine and Dogma can also be, and very often is, a ball and chain.

Like leaving contemplation of being and existence to scientists, waiting for the pros to tell us what God is (wants?) or how to best be, Same thing.

We risk squandering the opportunity to know.

Here and Now.

2015-04-03 12:19

Annerdr – “Very few atheists will state ‘there is no god.’ “

Maybe it is just the internet, but I have met a lot of atheists who are not in the least covert as they assure me there’s no “god” or “gods”.

Any lip service they might pay to “waiting for proof”, is heavily Teflonized in sarcasm.

Theodore Seeber (responding to Annerdr) – “natural: the events of the universe God designed that man can understand with our current level of knowledge.
supernatural: the events of the universe God designed that happen whether man can explain the event or not.
The only difference between the natural and the supernatural is OUR understanding of the event in question.
Thus the fact that anything happens at all, is proof that God exists.”
Annerdr  (responding to Theodore Seeber) – “Given those definitions, I suppose nothing is natural or supernatural, because I see no reason to suppose that god designed anything.”
(responding to Annerdr)

Ah, now you’re just being stubborn. About the use of a word.

Not really giving actual thought to the matter under discussion.

Is this then a policy of some sort? What is it’s purpose?

His explanation was well neigh perfect and instead of saying “oh, that is interesting”, you get all petulant.

“I see no reason to suppose that god designed anything.”

The word “designed” always gives me problems too, but I give Theodore Seeber free rein. Not wanting to interfere with his flow.

I want to see what he says. And am rewarded with some wisdom.

It’s as simple as that. The point he made is useful.

The adjustment that it suggests, is that God is existence.

I would add; … and, the potential to exist. All encompassing. Nothing that is outside of itself. Inside and outside is meaningless in terms of God.

The word “designed” might better be replaced with something like “manifests”. Or even “creates”.

But whatever verb we choose, it should only be in the present tense.

That is all there really is.

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