The Winding Path – 123

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20150-03-25 07:03

carolyntclark – ” I just knew that without the God factor the mysteries of suffering can be explained by the randomness of nature.”

What about nature qualifies as random?

2015-03-25 07:03

carolyntclark – “chromosomal aberrations, fetal anomalies, cerebral malformation, brain chemistry imbalance, metastatic cells, endocrine disorders, immune disorders, congenital genetic disorders, myriad of syndrome afflictions, contagious diseases, and the many tragedies caused by natural disasters of fire, flood and wind.”

But, the randomness perceived is the result of attitude. Nothing is isolated from anything else.

Effects of causes. And causes of of Effects. Change.

Even Singularity and Universe.

carolyntclark – “Alleluia !!”





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