The Winding Path – 122

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2015-03-22 09:46

carolyntclark – ” I just knew that without the God factor the mysteries of suffering can be explained by the randomness of nature.”

What about nature qualifies as random?

2015-03-22 10:00

sTv0 – “N. DeGrasse Tyson says: ‘If you’re scientifically literate, the world looks very different to you, and that understanding empowers you.’ “

Relatively speaking…

Different than before but no more or less informed or empowered except in our own satisfaction.

2015-03-23 10:36

sTv0 – “I take it you’ve not had much science education…?”


What is the required threshold of “much”?

Is there a point where the absolute no longer provides context for the relative?

In terms of the eternal NOW, are the makers of this;


Less informed and empowered than us?

Or, they in turn, somehow more of something (real?), than their own ancestors.


In terms of the eternal NOW.



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