The Winding Path – 109

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(The following is the wrap up of a  conversational stream that had been going on for quite some time. I haven’t been posting the bulk of it for reasons that will be obvious. I hope.  If you actually want to meet Harry H. McCall, there is plenty more where this came from.  I’m sure he’d love the company.)

2015-02-09 09:52

(Note: Here he is baiting me to resume after an extended hiatus.)

Harry H. McCall – ” ‘God’ is just a term much like a ball that religious people love to play different games with and I find your style no exception.

Ironically, I call it as I see it ‘school yard bully’ or not. I’ll leave it to lanto_Jones (the next comment down) to define your use of religion and God.”

(It sort of works to a point.)
Harry H. McCall – “Ironically, I call it as I see it “school yard bully” or not. “

“Ironically”, you don’t actually “see” anything. So you act out. It’s an ego thing.

Not my problem, no matter how much you need it to be.

2015-02-09 12:27

Harry H. McCall – “I listed solid tangible examples of my life as an atheist, especially noted by others (society) who benefited from my actions. You simply listed metaphysical personal reflections about yourself . . . Hitler could have done the same and likely did.
As far as I can read, your life has been basically as meaningless as your God. Neither of you two (you and your god) have give society reality other than peddle your own brand of religion.”

Harry H. McCall – “As far as I can read, your life has been basically as meaningless as your God. “

Well, just keep working on it. You’re making it more difficult than it needs to be.

2015-02-10 10:37

Harry H. McCall – “Again, if your theology has any meaning what-so-ever, please list an action in the last year where you have invested your money and time helping society better itself besides propagating and debating your theological dogmas on blogs.
The fact that I’ve already had to ask you twice and yet you have failed to do so proves to me your theology would be better off in a comic book. Comic books are entertaining, but offer nothing for the betterment of society. Ironically, your reinvented God (like yourself) seems to exist in words and nothing more.
So religious McKay, for the third time, how has your reinvented God made society a better place via your actions. I picked up trash thrown out in our neighborhood every month for 1.2 miles. I stopped and jumped a man car off whose battery was dead and all this within the last month as an atheist. What has your religious god caused you to do via your theology. Match me!”

Ah…”religious god” gets your goat! How original.

I will offer first, that your challenge, in terms of “time and money” is stupid, and as such, gets ignored.

I have improved society by not being bullied into compliance by you.

In other, less confrontational conversations, there is something to bring forward that is missing or is not recognized. This is called teaching.

I improve society by not letting you get away with pretending that I’ve invented a “new god”, and by shining the light of reason on your dubious purposes. I mean really! If your going to be a atheist, at least try to be credit to the cause. This reflexive aggression is a symptom of something else and you should try to get to the root of the problem.

Also, I’m sure that I’ve jumped as many cars, but that is all just in a days work. What is your point? That you are a “good man” without god? All that can be truthfully said, is that you are a sometimes “good man”, who does not credit God with his “goodness”. (And, since there is no god watching, has to announce it himself.)

2015-02-11 10:29

Harry H. McCall – “A quote that can be applied to you is that ‘A religion that does not cost anything is not worth anything’. Thus, it is now very apparent why my exposure of the Dalia Lama hit you squarely between the eyes and why your first comment here was so caustic as both of you do much lip service (in your case, keyboarding) and totally nothing else.

Frankly, does anyone other than the uneducated people you bull shit with your contradictorily theology and weak god give a damn? Apart from your sidekick, Kevin Osborne, you’ve done nothing to merit any mention by society other than rattle on about some god you’ve cooked up in your mind who you think must have somehow always existed.

Based on your picture, you appear to me to be a scared frail little man who has basically offered society totally nothing; a man too scared to open his blog for critical discussion because he might have to face reality.

To make up for you physical frailness and lack of doing anything that objectively benefits society, you can only project yourself mentally. (Even this part of your character is broken and confused as this post has pointed out.) Sadly, I would not doubt if you weren’t a patient in a mental hospital as both your body and mind seem so frail and so unsure of the world.

McKay, you seem so scared. Is it because you have done totally nothing to be accepted by society other that push your subjective god built on your subjective theology? You appear to need a god who accepts you and what better way than to build god in your mental image; a “McKay god” who can accept a confused, frail and scared little man. Sadly, even the god you invented and now try to get the world to accept can’t help you.

I truly pity you.”

You’re such a riot. You really ought to look up the word “subjective” sometime.

As for your “exposure of the Dalia Lama”[sic] (or me for that matter), it has all the credence of a chimpanzee flinging feces through the bars of it’s cage.

Thank you for this final illustration. We probably can’t top it for clarity and I’ll have to engage the spam filter now just to seal the deal. Sorry, but really, what good has any of this conversation been?



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