The Winding Path – 107

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2015-02-02 13:29

(Responding to a blog post by Mark Sandlin called “God Will Not Determine the Outcome of the Super Bowl… .)

(First impressions before reading the other comments.)

Christianity is weak in understanding the nature of Karma.


There is a whole genre of teaching stories (often Sufi in origin) around the “Oh that’s bad! No that’s good.” phenomena. (This is a slightly more helpful version of the adage, “God works in mysterious ways”. It’s more participatory. More realistic.)

I especially like the potential of understanding Karma, since it draws the overly scientific into the fold. Showing the extension of cause and effect into the realm of fortune and fate. This is the nature of the Absolute, manifesting as the cascade of relativity. (i.e. us.)

Picking and choosing what God to worship, we risk painting our selves into a corner. But of course, those who think that God is on their side if they win a football game, are also barking up the wrong tree.

Gratitude for an easy “parking experience”, can just reflect our awareness of the living moment.

When things are hard, or don’t go our way, we practice acceptance and humility. This is just as good as a good day at the races.

It’s all grist for the mill.

2015-02-02 13:47

JenellYB – “Perhaps an even better topic would be ‘What IS prayer?’ Is asking God for favors[sic] like children writing a letter to Santa even prayer at all?”

It is prayer. But of the “it’s early days” kind.

We ripen towards the divine.

I have heard that Catholics (some at least) now practice a meditation in the form of “contemplative prayer”.

This is good too.

2015-02-02 14:15

Frank6548 responding to gimpi1 – “The five fastest growing religions in terms of absolute numbers (new adherents per year, in millions):
1. Christianity 25,210,195
2. Islam 22,588,676
3. Hinduism 12,533,734
4. Chinese folk-religions 3,715,548
5. Buddhism 3,687,527 “

In the strictest sense of the word. Religion is not (or does not sum up) God.

In it’s best sense, it is man approximating a relationship to the Eternal and Entire. In it’s worst, it is just tribal hegemony.

The catalogue of 5 above, is only relevant in these times and this place.

There is an ebb and flow. The Universe is vast.

We evolve or we devolve based on our choices and hopes. Our attachments and appetites.

Behind it and through out it. God is. (No matter what the flavour of the day.)

2015-02-03 10:52

Frank6548 – “God is God. Jesus is His Son and also God. The Holy Spirit is God. This eternal truth will never change.”

Where do we fit in, if not also God?

Which then leaves the question, what is it that the life of Jesus, and all that lead up to it is meant to demonstrate?

In the above question I am assuming that existence is perfect in its role as teacher and school.

Each moment tailored to each one of us.

2015-02-03 11:53

Frank6548 – “Oh dear…. When are your spiritual beliefs going to mature?”

Care to spell out what that means? I have gone out on a limb several times already. Your turn now.

2015-02-03 12:38

Frank6548 – “It means it’s time for you to spiritual mature and stop chasing the wind. If you don’t know what that means you are in deeper trouble then I think.”

Thank you for the advice. I will stop chasing the wind now.

(I do know what it means. Best be careful yourself.)

2015-02-02 14:30

JD responding to Frank6548 – “Are the gifts and talents of the surgeon who is a practicing Hindu also blessed by god? Are the gifts and talents of the Pagan architect blessed by god? Are the gifts and talents of the atheist scientist also blessed by god? Or is this another ‘Christian Only’ thing?

Frank6548 responding to JD – “They are blessed with their talents by God but unless they follow Christ their talents are not blessed by God.”

Define “Christ”.

But make sure, before you do, that you have the best possible handle on it. As well as an understanding of the Genius of God expressed as Hinduism.

2015-02-03 11:34

Frank6548 – “Christ is the messiah, the Chosen One. Jesus Christ. The one and only p ath to the true God.”

It may very well be essential that this be you mantra. But insisting that everybody else stop their own and take up yours, means that it is not yet true.

Know it as True and emanate from that.

But, the high-horse nonsense is not the way of Christ and only distracts.

“The one and only path to the true God.”

I agree. But yours and my attempts to say what that is, can’t do it justice. A grain of salt must always be kept near.

We can only open our hearts and offer our best.

2015-02-04 04:32

Frank6548 – “Do you even know what you are talking about?

No mantra, just eternal truth that doesn’t require our belief or acceptance to be so.”

Shame on you.

Eternal truth. Yes. But you are only spawning atheists with this autistically self-righteous parody of it.

You realize that the “Bible” has only been around for a few centuries. Right?

2015-02-02 14:59

Frank6548 responding to JD – “How sad you have so little understanding. God loves unbelievers so much that he sent Jesus, he’s done miracles, he is constantly at work calling people to Him. Only the willfully ignorant and blind fail to recognize it. Wise up and wake up.”

You are assuming too small a scope for the power of “Christ”.

Restricting that which is Eternal and Entire into a shoe box with the word “Jesus” written on it.

The Abrahamic tradition is a great wave on an infinite ocean. But it is not in the least the only great wave.

Consider that “Christ” runs through out. Not separate from.

The meaning of his declaration, “I and the Father are One”.

He didn’t say “I am God”.

2015-02-03 09:30

Frank6548 – “Considered and throughly rejected. “

What is being “rejected” and by whom?

“Isn’t it time for you to spiritually mature? “

Who is asking? Are you setting yourself up as the standard?

Neither of us can claim ownership of ourselves or of Truth. Even in our most entangled and political moments.

And so it is with Jesus. It is Christ that is eternal. Not the flesh or the historical back-story.

In the beginning was the Word. The beginning is Now.

2015-02-03 12:16

Frank6548 – “The standard is the Word of God, the bible. Stop making things up. You sound like a teenager on lsd. Sad.”

And you’re sounding like those automatic phone menus that plague us all these days. I’m not talking to a human being yet.

I will suggest (once again?) that this “Bible”, in your hands, is a Golden Calf and that Moses will be pissed when he’s back from the mountain.

2015-02-02 15:16

JD – “I view the Divine as sort of coach and cheerleader rolled into one; as
always having faith and trust in me to do what I can to make things
happen as I run the field. I thank the Divine for loving me and having
tremendous faith in me. The rest is up to me.”

That’s cool, certainly not where I thought you were going with it, based on your conversation with Frank6548.

Just as an aside:

Where does the “Divine” get off to, if “the rest is up to you”?

 JD – “It never left.”




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