The Winding Path – 105

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2015-01-14 21:52

(Continuing conversation with Matt Woodling from previous post.)

Matt Woodling – “Ok, start with something very focused and simple. What do you mean by ‘singularity’?
And what reality do we have besides what we can sense via our senses and machinery that extends our senses? And how dodo[sic?] we describe that reality to anyone else except via language? “

Your questions are too well practised.

Please convince me that you have made just a little effort.

Perhaps, muse for a bit, about how there has never been any other moment than this instant. Here and Now.

We have a sense of time passing, but what is it really?

Or, when you are intently interested in a person across the room, what causes them to look up and meet your gaze?

What is the medium of that communication?

Reality is everything and nothing. Every nuance. Not just that which our mortal senses perceive. Do you really imagine it all so small? But neither is it big. These are the terms of our relative experience. Past-Present-Future. All sharing this very moment.

How can this be? Who asks the question? Who schemes to make it sound banal?

2014-01-16 08:55

Harry H. McCall – “Religion can only be saved though[sic] theology, not philosophy . . . ‘theo’ (God) / ‘ology’  (study of) is why seminaries exist. The ThD (Doctor of Theology) is granted to those who study the nature of God.
Of course, a PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) is also given, but in subjects not related to philosophy at all such as a in Textual Criticism, Church history, Hebrew, Greek, and so on.
In short, the majority of believers don’t want an atheistic philosophical God.”

That is why in the end, it is about direct experience. i.e. enlightenment.

No one can tell us what that is, we have to go and see. Or not, depending on our inclination.

The door swings both ways.

2015-01-19 10:16

(Jumping into a conversation between Josh Magda and Yonah.)

Josh Magda – “It’s in God’s nature to Create a World, because it is God’s nature to Love. Our Cosmos reveals and subjectively intensifies that ‘aspect’ of the Divine Nature we call Love, and in moments of clarity we creatures can experience that Love really is running the show here. And that ‘running the show’ looks very different than the kind of power humans have typically expected to see.”

Finally something I understand. (y’all must read a lot of books.)

Not just “running the show”, but IS the show.

Only God. Through and Through. (to risk being even more “reductive” than Yonah.)

Josh Magda – “Well, we can’t say ‘there is only G-d’ too loudly, now can we… even though all the mystics from all the traditions concur. What would we talk about on Patheos? It’s too much fun to setup dominoes on one side of Reality and than topple them/flick them onto the other.

Besides, we gnostics are always perceived as a threat. The most “threatening” thing about Truth is that everyone and everything is the inheritor of Perfection. If you have a problem with Perfection, you’re right, I can’t really help you there.


Josh (signed in Elvish)”


Kevin Osborne responding to Josh Magda – “Perfection as the observer of motion as perfect? I assume.”

brmckay responding to Kevin Osborne – ” like this guy.”

(Note: I enjoyed reading through some of Josh’s comment history. Perhaps you will too.

Also:  Kevin Osborne has resumed  helpful guidance via posts at his blog.)


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