The Winding Path – 104

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2015-01-07 10:55

ismellarat – “I don’t yet get what you stand, or are striving, for. From the quotes (Note: Quotes from this blog were posted as the subject of a blog post by  Harry H. McCall), it appeared that you enjoy grinning fiendishly, and telling people, like a well-versed Rumpelstiltskin, “nope, that’s not it, guess again, chuckle chuckle.”

Might this be a summation of your world-view?… (Scene with Rabbi from “A Serious Man”)… ( Song “Is That All There Is?”)

Do you see what you’re reducing people to with these conversations?… (Amusing scene from a Pink Panther movie.)

You have quite a collection of video clips at your disposal. I enjoyed the visit from Inspector Clouseau. But wonder why “fiendishness” when “innocence” is more apt.

The “quotes” from my various conversations, have been processed by Mr. McCall. So please keep that in mind. Organized for his ends, and so, of no real use in understanding mine.

“I don’t yet get what you stand, or are striving, for.”

I have a certainty of the possibility of Enlightenment and therefore strive for it. That is my purpose and goal.

I mean this in the classical sense of the word. The process of awakening to realization of One Self. Non-dual Consciousness.

This is an intimate process, requiring a purposeful enquiry, into the arising experience of self. The prism of the personal; Both in distraction and in inspiration.

2015-01-08 11:24

(Addressed to ismellarat who was being chastised by Harry H. McCall for betraying the cause of atheism.)

Why do you respect this guy?

Agnosticism is reasonable. What he is, is violent and deranged? His cause is generalized beyond all reason. To say the least! This is a personal demon for him.

I’m sorry to jump back in, but I read this after responding to a more recent comment.

You wanted something to look up: You could try Vedanta, or Tao Te Ching (Lao Tse), Zen ( Roshi Suzuki – “Zen Mind – Beginners Mind”), Non-Dualism, Monism, The Dahmapada (Buddha). The Isha Upanishad. “Be Here Now’ (Ram Das – If you haven’t encountered Neem Karoli Baba). Sri Ramana Maharshi.

The above list is my own. Yours will will be your own. Perfectly tailored for you. This phenomena, increasingly provides the proof you look for.

One of my favourites has been “The Yoga Sutras” (Patanjali), if only for the vaster horizon found at the source, relative to what most people think Yoga is about.

Remember that anything in translation, is going to reflect the understanding of the translator.

The process of learning the Way, is to seek understanding of it in your own self. Then enjoy the confirmation found in ancient writings or contemporary teachings.

If you get stuck in concepts, that will limit the results. This is why we complain about religions.

False teachers are another story. The Truth is, that there is only One Guru, no matter how many faces it takes.

You have probably already begun the journey. But it may not have your full attention. There is no point if your heart isn’t in it.

Ego and the realm of duality… Just how important is it, to cling to that paradigm? Many have gone beyond it.

2015-01-09 10:37

Matt Woodling responding to allegro63 – “To ask why assumes there actually is a reason why. It’s possible the universe just is with no reason at all. But the important thing: the why means nothing at all with out the how. To accept answer of why without trying to find out how is just cutting off the investigation and saying ‘that really important bit over there doesn’t require an explanation – just because.’ “


Consider what an infinitude of potential means. It means that whatever can be, simply will be because.

No limits.

This is the why and the how.

Now consider the nature of experience within this.

Consciousness. Awareness, but not different than existence. Neither Thing nor Self. Singularity.

At our scale, the knowledge of it, is enlightenment. The potential fruition of our nature. Yours and mine.

“I and the Father are One.” – Jesus of Nazareth

You can live your life just fine without considering any of this. But why?

2015-01-13 10:12

Matt Woodling – “I’m sorry, but you completely lost me. I don’t know what ‘an infinitude of potential’ means. How do you decide the possibility of something is infinite?

‘Consciousness. Awareness, but not different than existence. Neither Thing nor Self. Singularity. At our scale, the knowledge of it, is enlightenment. The potential fruition of our nature. Yours and mine.’

These just seem to be words thrown together.”

Yes. but, was there actual consideration of “infinite potentiality”?

When contemplating God in this fashion, (which is what this exercise is about), the first step is to get use to the idea of “non-limitation” i.e. nothing is Outside of That.

Outside and Inside, is how we think of “things”. Things cannot be infinite in the absolute sense of the word. Therefore do not represent God.

But things (and the experience of things), though finite, also do not NOT represent God, since they are not Outside of God.

There is a paradox here that is beautiful to embrace.

I apologize for running this past you without your actually asking for it.

To put it more in a nutshell, “Infinitude” is the reason and the means. “Potentiality” is ‘what’ that looks like.

To bring this back to Earth, we are not separate from God, no matter how it seems. If we know this, our motivation, behaviour, and experience are different than if we don’t.

2015-01-13 21:39

Matt Woodling – “Paradoxes of things that appear to be meaningless are not inherently beautiful to me. You’re just fitting words together to make them seem to have meaning, but when I try to parse them, I can’t. These are “deepities”, a term coined by Daniel Dennett.

It also kind of sounds like you’re saying that ‘infinitude’ or infinite things have something to do with a god. Why would you think that? And which god? There are a lot of them to consider. And once you attribute them to a god, I again ask you to seriously ask the question ‘what or who created the god, and how.did.that happen?’ Until you answer these questions, the idea of a god explains nothing and seems not worth considering.”

Good grief. You are on autopilot! If it makes you happy, OK.

But really, it is just “feeling superior” without cause.

Nothing “deepity” about what I said. It is the common sense of the matter that Dennett lacks as well.

The infinity of “Infinite things”, is not the Infinite Entirety of Singularity. And, the reality of this is not in the words being used to focus your attention on it.

If you need to convince us that gods don’t exist, fine, but at least understand where you have drawn the line.

2015-01-14 10:19

Matt Woodling responding to ChuckQueen101 – “I don’t imagine God as a despot because I don’t think he exists. I AM curious, though – name a thing in the universe that’s more interesting with God added to it? And why?”

It is about realizing that we wear the blinders of self interest. Ego. Personality. Abstracted self. Whatever you might call it.

Gaining access to a less abstracted awareness of “I am”, we apply it to making that the foundation of our existence.

This turns out to be seamlessly integrated to the source of Awareness that is part and parcel with the Universe.

Don’t call it God if that is against your religion, but missing the boat as regards this understanding, means that you die when your body dies.

Because, the body/mind complex, is all you ever thought you were.

2015-01-12 11:06

John Robbins – “…because Paul said that we are alienated and enemies of God “in our minds,” not in reality. And he says we got this way ‘because of our wicked works’. “

“Wicked” is a weird word.

I think the first part of the statement gets us closer to a workable definition of sin.

i.e. Actions, attachments and thoughts, arising from the fallen mind beget more confusion and pain, mediocrity and grandiosity . This condition is sustained in God, but prevents knowledge of God.

Knowledge of God, is non-difference from God. The knower and what is known, are One. This is the deathless freedom of Love.

Thank you for your post.


Alms and Patronage

If this work seems good to you, and you are able.  Thank you.

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