The Winding Path – 097

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2014-11-27 02:43

Dan Lennon – “Why do you think that your thoughts about god are anything more than mental constructs?” 

The point is, that I understand that my imagining is a limitation, and as such is merely a subset of reality.

Just as my finite sense of self or “I” is a subset of infinite “I”.

Infinite because that is the root cause.   What is experienced as Universe, (including awareness, if that isn’t obvious), is the emergent characteristic of Singularity.

Paradox.  Knowable but not in terms of “this and that” or even “me and God”.

2014-11-29 11:17

(Responding to an excellent comment by J. Brisbin.)

I found echoes of my own take on the science versus religion kerfluffle in what you said.

The “slicing and dicing” aspects of science, to me, seem both necessary to the process, and also the reason not to take it too seriously.

Studying the parts will never bring one into an understanding of the whole.

To the degree an individual is bound by the need to break things into separate pieces, whether in the service of science, theology or daily life, that is the limit of their grasp of the the undivided Singularity of God.

It seems to me, that for all camps, the best results will be had in first contemplating Infinite Origins and the unity that it implies.

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