The Winding Path – 091

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2014-09-18 02:16

Sabio Lantz (responding to Petteri) – “I have had many experiences of my body expanding like that. Apparently it is pretty common. Likewise with blurring or uniting with the environment. Actually did a little of that today.

Yeah, it ain’t satori — just a hallucination.”

But it does beg the question. “Who is hallucinating?”

As someone who has only “intuited” the proximity of samadhi for some 40 years, I wonder at the inclination of those who dismiss it’s manifestation with indifference. Except that, the indifference seems a prerequisite for more of the same.

Patanjali, gives us the terms sabīja and  nirbīja.

I have to assume the former. But still am inspired.

Interesting blog.

2014-09-19 16:25

Sabio Lantz – “Yeah, indeed, ‘who’ is hallucinating?  Especially since the brain is primarily a hallucinating organisms: changing airwaves to sound, light waves to sight, surfaces to feelings, molecular shapes to tastes, and gestalting from the minimum of information.

BTW, I prefer the later, ‘nirbīja’, just because seeds are too hard to spit out! :-)”

And then of course, the chicken and egg paradox.

Brain first then Self?

Or, is the elegance of the conundrum inevitable, when non-finite-origin masquerades as tiny things.

(Note: The following, excellent annotation, was added after this post was first published.)

Kevin Osborne“A way to look at meditation is as the path back. It is stepping into the Christmas Eve of Ebeneezer Scrooge, to lament, to understand, to release, in the presence of spirit. One can meditate in life by accepting all as real, my experience.”

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