The Winding Path – 090

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2014-09-12 09:14

Dabba McDoo – “True ‘church’ exists in one’s mind, not in a brick and mortar building constantly praising a self-centered God that, apparently, disapproves of just about everything. Don’t need a church, I have my thoughts, ideas and beliefs.”

Yes. And then let go of the judgement. Recognize a zombie when you see one, and get on down the road.

“Humankind is waking up to this fact and that’s why, gradually over time, humans are no longer buying what organized religion is selling.”

We witness what countless others have witnessed. The death of one myth. Which of course gives birth to the next.

It is a “screen refresh”. The process is constantly present. We are revitalized.

Stonehenge required the full glory of the night sky. Ours may be tougher times. But nothing has really changed.

2014-09-13 15:05

WilmRoget – “People have been proclaiming the death of Christianity for 2000 years, and yet, they and their self-centeredness fades away while Christianity continues to be meaningful to millions. “

First, I will point out that 2000 years, though a large number, is still a drop in the bucket relative to say 32,000 or for that matter 4.54 ± 0.05 billion.

Next I would have to ask, what is “Christianity”? What is it’s essential meaning?

Was Jesus talking about time?

Our non-separation from God is what I get out of it. This isn’t bound by history, language, culture, tradition or the 7 day week.

We will always renew the telling of the One Truth. It is our very nature.

2014-09-14 09:14

WilmRoget – “So you basically have ignored the point I made.”

(Then quoting:  “Next I would have to ask, what is ‘Christianity’? What is it’s essential meaning?”)

What is brmckay? What is four? What is red? What does 42 mean?”

I didn’t say that “It” wasn’t meaningful. It is at heart, the very essence of meaningful. Like Dharma, or Tao — ever present.

Were you inferring that I was among the “self-centered”, who will fade away? Or, was that meant for Dabba McDoo? For whom the original comment was formulated.

Will we now digress into pugilistic nonsense?

(Note: The last line refers to the style of numerous  conversational threads involving WilmRoget.)

2014-09-15 07:28

brmckay – “Will we now digress into pugilistic nonsense?”

WilmRoget – “Did you not do so at the very start?”

No. Not by my understanding or intention.

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