The Winding Path – 088

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(continued from the previous post)

“… Arriving at conclusions before reaching the mountain’s peak. We are blinded by it’s circumference.”

2014-08-29 09:17

Kent Truesdale – ” ‘Reality’ ITSELF is a human construct — ergo, reality/the ‘universe’ does not get to have any ‘say’ about our moral absolutes.”

It is not clear if you are amplifying our countering my point. Or, throwing in another angle all together.

I had to read through some of your other comments, to get a feel for what you might be saying.

Grabbed a likely candidate so that there would be more to work with. Hope this is ok.

“The universe itself has no independent reality without sentient beings like us, it doesn’t exist outside our minds and instruments — ergo, good and evil are absolute categories.”

From the above two quotes, I am led to the consideration of the infinite fractalization of sentience, This, resulting from primordial undifferentiated “I Am”.

The potential of Self Awareness. And the manifestation of self awareness. Not different. The essential paradox of existence. i.e. Reality.

Knowable as Gnosis/Samaadhi/Awakened mind of the Buddha; Enlightenment; “I and the Father are One”

Good and Evil is what we, as human beings, potentially experience, on the way to or from that Understanding.

Is this in line with what you were talking about?

Kent Truesdale – “You got it!”

2014-08-29 14:31

Kevin Osborne – “Everything in this place is paradox. The universe is finite space with an infinite number of viewpoints, for example. As human one chooses one side of the paradox or the other, just as a computer is basically 01 analyzing, to make a reality. This comes down to the basic universe, a potential, that changes to energy, motion, once one enters it. The above poster is correct IMO, it all starts with ONE as CREATOR and one as creator. Nothing is as it seems and everything is as it seems. To understand, one releases belief and paradox becomes reality. This is freedom.”

Ah, there you are.

“To understand, one releases belief and paradox becomes reality. This is freedom.”

Very nice.

2014-08-30 12:11

(Responding to Kent Truesdale’s) – “You got it!”

So, at least in your case, Godlessness is a choice rather than an absolute?

But why? Why make that choice? Why pass atheism on to the next generation?

Much like the limits of theism alone, atheism also prevents a summing up the situation.

We seem to both conclude something similar about the “Theistic/Atheistic” dyad; That when approaching reality, it is a moot point.

Our minds/being, are the very nature of all that is.

I personally don’t want to do away with the religious impulse. Just groom it to a more accurate fidelity.

It’s purpose, is to inspire the individual and the community to practice towards realization of our complete potential.

My attitude is, that this is the ultimate expression of “evolution”.

In the mean time…

As long as I experience “otherness”, I consider that otherness to represent God, but the separation is an illusion.

The process of Good action/thought erases the boundaries. Pierces the veil of that illusion. It’s counterpart Evil maintains and further fragments chaos.

But the Truth is…

The results of Evil are NOT outside of the Entirety and neither are the results of Good.

When you get down to it…

Neither is God


2014-08-30 15:14

Kent Truesdale – “You make some excellent points that I’d like to ponder further!”

Thank you for the encouragement. It seemed good to say it.

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