The Winding Path – 084

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2014-08-08 09:00

(Responding to AugustineThomas who was responding to Kevin Osborne.  This is residual from the previous post.)

Kevin Osborne – ” I think stating that there is always more to understand, implying God, is reasonable compromise.”

This was the actual point he was making but you went right to …

AugustineThomas – “You’re an ignorant secularist ingrate.”

Following up with…

AugustineThomas – “…you baby murderers and sodomites have taken over.”

The combative reflexes of a battle blinded soldier, create something quite contrary to “grace”.

Which, he reminds you of in his next response.

Learning to see the evidence of “Christ” and the influence of “Holy Spirit” in the words and actions of “outsiders”, is obviously next on the curriculum.

As Kevin says “it is a process”. And I would add; Every moment, encounter and circumstance, is designed specifically for each of us. Flawlessly pointing the way. Instantaneously adapting to the choices that we make. Still, flawlessly pointing the way.

2014-08-09 11:38

Kevin Osborne –“Very beautifully stated how the next thing is there. I never thought of it like that.

I would never have thought the Holy Spirit existed as stated by my original religion, Roman Catholic, until fairly recently. Now I see what they were writing about. Any religion is not just a belief system, it is an attempt to understand in a difficult environment.

We are limited, but grace exists everywhere. If we wish to see, God will open the door. Perhaps with maddening tempo, but it will open. My experience.”


Glad you weren’t washed out to sea, and for your contributions here.

Always strong and on target.  Thanks for the confirmation.

“Any religion is not just a belief system, it is an attempt to understand in a difficult environment. “

Often very difficult indeed. The echos of genius and testimony of the ancestors reassure, but the journey is ours alone to make.

“…but it will open.”

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