The Winding Path – 081

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2014-07-28 06:48

brmckay (responding to Kaleb Kittrell) – “Curious what Jesus’s take would be on Bibleism?”

Ottomus James (responding to  brmckay 9 months later) – “Well, since he affirmed the account of Jonah and the big fish/whale (Matthew 12), I think it’s safe to say he took it literally.”

Perhaps or perhaps not. Thanks though, for getting me to read a little bit. It’s been a long time.

As for:

“Whereas the New Testament does maintain moral teachings from the Old, as is the case with homosexuality.” – Ottomus James

I would like to see the “red letter” edition so I can see who is maintaining these “moral teachings”.

I trust Jesus to surf the metaphors with impeccable skill. But which “brothers, sisters or mother” really does the “Will of the Father who is in Heaven?”

So many now-a-days think that means checking off behaviors on a list of do’s and don’ts.

2014-07-28 09:57

(Responding to a blog post by Carl McColman)

“When we seek to rest in the vast silence beyond all words, we are seeking the light which is so dazzling bright that it seems utter darkness to us. After all, this is a mystical (hidden light). When we try to foster virtue and eliminate vice, we do it by the grace of the true light which enlightens everyone.” – Carl McColman

I like this line a lot. Awareness of God leaves no room for Otherness. Neither for, nor against. Just so.

2014-07-28 09:50

(Responding to a very proprietary comment by Victoria DePalma about the above mentioned blog. You would have to see it to believe it.)

The impression I get from this incomprehensible spiel, is of some bureaucratic control freaks trying to grab the infinite grace of Christ for their own. Only to run off with a leaky sieve filled with air.

Sorry, to be so blunt, but this mumbo jumbo does nothing but stir up clouds of dust.

2014-07-30 08:31

Ottomus James (continued from above) – “But that does not mean that there do not also exist “lists”/descriptions of acts/behaviors/ways of life that indicate internal spiritual realities. “

I prefer not to practice thinking in the plural, as in “spiritual realities”.

Simplifying to the intended message that God is All.

Jesus would have been teaching about direct experience of that. i.e. Christ.

Not setting himself up as a deity and especially not crippling people with lists.

Ottomus James – “Christ mentioned some of these: giving to the poor, turning the other cheek, going the extra mile, (metaphorically) cutting off your right hand to avoid sinning, forgiving your brother, not causing children to stumble, etc.”

All these teachings from the mouth of one who knows. Laying the ground for the Intuitive leap.

There is only God. The stillness of the center and the world of changing form. Not different.

This can be known without reference to the Bible, or even knowledge of what is in it. It is our true nature and the driving force of evolution.

The nature of Infinitude. God.

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