The Winding Path – 080

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2014-07-20 10:03

Asemodeus responding to Ray – “Besides not actually proving divine creation in the first place. That is some interesting cognitive dissonance you have there.”

A sensation of smug satisfaction is not evidence that you have refuted, or even addressed, his points.

2014-07-20 10:40

TapestryGarden – ” I was raised by atheists and they were quite intellectual rather than ideological.”

Yes! Removing the mirror of ideological thinking moves the enquiry to a higher level.

So much nonsense on both sides of the debate drops away. Leaving refined and complementary tools of reason and faith alone to fulfill their potential.

Let’s call it wisdom.

2014-07-21 07:32

Asemodeus – “It’s always funny watching christians get mad when you ask of them to provide evidence.”

Have you first established your own credentials as Fair Witness?

For starters, what in his writing has indicated to you that he is getting “mad”?

As for “evidence”, what kind of preparation have you made in yourself to perceive it?

2014-07-22 06:46

(Responding to Asemodeus’s evasive ridicule.)

They seemed like “Fair” questions to me.

Not sure what you mean by “blame”.

Your relationship to the “Larger Cosmic Domain”, is your own business. i.e. “your god”. And I don’t need you to prove anything about it. I can see for myself.  This is fair.

“Let me know when you are ready to provide evidence for your god claims. Until you do, there is zero reason to take you seriously.” – Asemodeus

This is not.

2014-07-22 10:13

(Asemodeus quoting me and responding.)

brmckay – “Not sure what you mean by ‘blame’.”

Asemodeus – “Your total lack of responsibility in the discussion.”

brmckay – “I can see for myself.”

Asemodeus – “Confirmation bias is a common problem for christians. Which is why, in science, we have falsifiability and peer review. Since, if something is actually real, it would be real for everyone. Reality isn’t subject to only your imagination.”

brmckay – “This is not.”

Asemodeus – “Not my fault you refuse to take even yourself seriously.”

Not everybody is a Scientist. Not everybody is a Christian. Be careful of assumptions.

As for reality? Show me something that is not real, when the Totality is the starting point.

My (and your’s for that matter) imaginings, are as real as any quasar. If one traces Existence to it’s root.

It seems to me that you fixate on Prakriti and ignore Purusha. This may be your way, but it is not mine.

And probably not Ray’s either. Though he would frame his enquiry differently.

2014-07-23 18:13

Asemodeus – “… it will really open your mind for once.”

Fascinatingly ingenuine.

Asemodeus – “Ah ok, it is the gibberish transition with the apologetics.”

Reflexive rhetoric.

Asemodeus – “That’s very delusional and very dangerous. … Which is why eye witness testimony is the lowest form of evidence we can muster, if you can even call it that.”

Just admit you have no talent for it. That would be the first step towards:

” ‘questioning yourself’ and ‘double checking’ your assumptions.” – Asemodeus”

This stops being fun when I start to mimic your bad habits. If we can’t proceed to some level of understanding, I’ll throw in the towel and give you the satisfaction of yet another “victory” over ….what?

Before I do, it is timely to reiterate one of the more interesting, but unaddressed questions posed to you.

What kind of preparation have you made in yourself to perceive this apparently elusive “evidence” of God?

I am also evidence driven, but will set the terms for my own enquiry. Based on what Life sets before me. Guided by my own sense of integrity.

Why would you suggest otherwise?

2014-07-24 06:43

Asemodeus – ” This whole conversation started because you wouldn’t provide evidence for your claims like a big boy. “

No, it started because I took it upon myself to point out that you were mistaking smug satisfaction as evidence that you had refuted Ray’s points. And now I have demonstrated that this is a consistent pattern. A fundamental personality trait. Not evidence of any sort of science, philosophy or ultimate truth.

I am happy that you have illustrated so clearly the neurotic and diseased nature behind an ego driven version of atheism.

Others may be inspired to pursue healthier and more authentic forms.

2014-07-24 18:20

(Responding to Asemodeus but certainly ready to wrap it up.  Hoping that this is still useful.)

What’s tiresome, is this foolish conversation.

It is irrational to go around insisting on proof that Existence exists.

You anthropomophize something that you call god, and then dare people to provide evidence that it exists.

I offer you all your previous comments in this thread, as that evidence.  Your conceptualization of what god is, does indeed exist. You rehearse it continually.

I prefer to watch reality unfold through the lense of my Life. Making choices that add value and clarity to it.

It disturbs me that you are so disturbed by this.

What’s with the violent cartoon below? And what do you mean by this?

Asemodeus – “You presuppose the existence of god, with no evidence, and just base even more assumptions onto it. That’s dangerous thinking, and it needs to stop.”

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